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Why Choose A Nursing Career In Germany?

Germany is a highly regarded center for higher learning worldwide, and it offers a wide variety of courses and universities with good rankings. Germany offers renowned and highly regarded degrees that considerably increase overall employability. One of the highest-paying occupations in Germany has long been nursing. Nursing adds value to the medical field and receives respect.

Germany urgently requires qualified and skilled nurses to meet the medical industry's ever-increasing demand. According to the "RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research," 84.00 certified nurses are currently missing, with the number expected to reach 200.000 by 2030. For this reason, the German government encourages hiring certified nurses from other countries.

Stay tuned if you wish to work as a nurse in Germany! We have good news for you!

Nursing Jobs in Germany

Nursing is a highly valued profession in Germany, and nurses will always be in demand regardless of the country's economic situation. Everyone who works in Germany has access to social security and its benefits, which include unemployment insurance, health insurance, and retirement insurance.

Dynamic Health team has compiled all of the necessary information for international nurses interested in working and living in Germany. All you need is a pinch of courage and a gallon of patience to make your dreams a reality.

Every year, thousands of nurses prefer to work in Germany. There are numerous nursing jobs available in Germany for Indian nurses. High pay, job growth, and job security are just a few of the reasons why most people are drawn to nursing jobs in Germany.

Perks Of Working In Germany

  • Job Safety If you're a nurse working in Germany, you can work without concern because each organization has a work council that serves to safeguard its personnel. Therefore, nurse positions in Germany are completely secure.
  • Your family is always welcome. Bring your family to Germany once you've arrived so your spouse can work there and your children can attend free English-speaking schools. For immigration to Germany, your spouse needs a German language certificate at the A1 level.
  • Consistent Residency This is yet another significant advantage of being a nurse in Germany. After five years or sooner, you will be granted permanent residency. Non-EU nationals who have lived in Germany for more than five years will be given a residence permit.
  • Job contract with no end date The right to an unlimited job contract is another benefit of nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses. The agreement may be mutually canceled or changed whenever you like, with the consent of both parties.

Qualification Require

  • BSC & GNM in Nursing
  • Min 2 years of experience
  • All Department or specialties
  • TELC or GOTHE Qualified German Language A1, A2, B1 & B2
  • Language Training provided with experts German Trainer*
  • In-house language Training provided

Perks and Benefits:

  • Work permit from the German Employers
  • Setting up a German working contract
  • Approval from the Federal Employment Agency
  • Registration in the German Labor office
  • Initial accommodation assistance provided
  • Attractive Relocation Package
  • End to end Recruitment support
  • Salary Start before Recognition € 2500- € 3500 per month
  • Salary start after Recognition € 2800- € 3800 per month
  • Recognition in Germany
  • Family reunification

How Dynamic Group Comes Into The Picture?

Dynamic promises to close the skills gap between these countries' demand and supply by giving Indian people the language and professional edge they need to land lucrative job offers overseas. With dynamic by your side, your dreams will never be incomplete!

We provide a situation where everyone benefits by satisfying the needs of both companies and skilled workers. Indians who are fluent in other languages can find many training and job possibilities abroad, while foreign businesses can hire capable, young, and vibrant people to help them expand.

Thanks to the extensive network of international employers across nations and across disciplines, Indian people are placed abroad in reputable companies that offer a competitive salary, appealing work conditions, and many more benefits.

If you are a nurse, member of the medical staff, or allied health professional searching for work in Germany, send us your updated resumes at

Or you can also reach us by phone at 011-40410000 and clear all your queries and doubts.

Job vacancies – Germany

Registered Nurses: 2 to 15 years of relevant experience

  • Specialty: Open for all departments
  • Education: BSc Nursing / GNM

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Dynamic Health staff assist me? -

The crew at Dynamic Health Staff has years of expertise in finding qualified healthcare workers for clients in Germany and other countries. We provide comprehensive help and direction to our candidates and keep them updated on the process's progress

  • We'll help you in every step of the journey, from setting up the in-person or online interview to getting you settled.
  • We also provide German language training to candidates.
  • On your registration application, we will assist and guide you.
  • We'll ensure the hospital arranges training and orientation sessions for you once you get there.

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I applied for a job with a company that works on medical research and development with the help of Dynamic Health Staff. I secured the position, and he will start working soon. Dynamic Health Staff is dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams by finding employment opportunities abroad. I am happy with their services.

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