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Nursing Jobs in the UK

There are many nursing jobs available in the UK across various specialisations and settings. The UK is one of the favourite destinations among nurses to work and settle abroad because of the NHS and its commitment towards its workforce. You get good perks and salary bands and professional development opportunities. The UK is a great country to live and work and a great many tourist attractions to travel and enjoy.

To find nursing jobs in the UK, you can search online job boards and career websites, check with recruitment agencies like Dynamic Healthstaff that specialise in healthcare, or directly apply to hospitals and other healthcare providers. We recommend you to go through the recruitment agency as they are well versed in all the documentation and formalities. They have job requirements and help you with the interview prep, registration and immigration.

Qualification Required:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM

To become a registered nurse, the most important requirement is that you complete the Nursing degree / diploma from a recognized university.


Below are the eligibility criteria to become a registered nurse in the UK:

  • Qualification – BSC & GNM in Nursing
  • Min. 6 months of post-registration clinical work experience in a hospital. Fresher Candidates are also considered as per the requirement.
  • Specialisation: Vacancies available in all specialisations.
  • Academic IELTS (with a score of 7 in Listening, Reading and Speaking and a score of 6.5 in Writing) or OET Exams (with a Grade B in Listening, Reading and Speaking and a Grade C+ in Writing)·
  • Career gap can be considered up to 18 months

Perks & Benefits:

  • Pre Pin salary (Band 4): £23,949 Annually
  • Post Pin salary (Band 5 ): £27,055 to £32,934 Annually
  • 20% extra paid for London nurses as high-cost area allowances
  • Advance salary support
  • NMC & CBT fee Refund
  • IELTS & OET exam fee Refund
  • Free Initial accommodation for up to 8-12 weeks *
  • Airline ticket sponsored
  • Visa costs sponsored
  • Payment of OSCE Test of Competence funded
  • Airport pick-up support
  • Welcome pack within your accommodation (including bedding)
  • Meet & Greet services upon arrival
  • Meals on the day of arrival
  • CBT & OSCE exam training support
  • IELTS/OET Training Support (in-house through DHS Academy)
  • Spouse & dependent Visa Support
  • Many More Benefits

To know more about the perks and benefits provided, contact us today!

Why Choose a Nursing Career in the UK?

  • High demand for nurses: Like many countries, the UK has a growing ageing population, so there is a high demand for healthcare professionals, including nurses. The National Health Service (NHS), the UK's publicly funded healthcare system, is the largest employer of nurses in the country.
  • Competitive salaries: Nurses in the UK are well-compensated, with salaries that align with the national average wage. Additionally, nurses receive benefits such as health insurance, paid leave, and retirement benefits.
  • Opportunities for career advancement: There are many opportunities for career advancement in nursing in the UK, with options to specialise in different areas such as paediatric care, mental health care, or intensive care. Nurses can also pursue further education and training to become advanced nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or nurse consultants.
  • Strong healthcare system: The UK has a well-developed healthcare system, which provides nurses with access to modern medical equipment and resources to provide high-quality care to patients. The NHS also provides nurses with the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centres.
  • International experience: The UK is home to many international hospitals and clinics, so nurses can gain valuable experience working with patients from different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the UK's location in Europe makes it a great starting point for nurses who want to work in other countries in the region.

How can Dynamic Health staff help?

Dynamic Healthstaff has deployed over 7000 nurses so far, and we provide job opportunities to around 1200-1500 nurses every year. Our mission is to bridge the skills gap between these countries' demand and supply by giving Indian nurses the professional edge they need to land lucrative job offers overseas.

Thanks to our extensive network of international employers across nations and across disciplines, our nurses are placed in reputable hospitals overseas that offer competitive salaries, appealing work conditions, and many more benefits.

If you are a nurse or allied health professional searching for work in the UK, send us your updated resumes at

Or you can also reach us by phone at +44 7378465863 / +91-9810017608 and clear all your queries and doubts.


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