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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Dynamic Health staff assist me? +

Dynamic Health staff has an extensive experience in recruiting skilled healthcare professionals for NHS and private clients in the UK and worldwide. We offer extended support and guidance to our candidates and keep them informed of the developments throughout the process.
• We'll assist you throughout the process, starting from scheduling the skype or face-to-face interview to getting you settled there.
• We will provide assistance and guidance on your NMC registration application.
• After you reach there, we'll also make sure that the hospital organizes an OSCE training and orientation programme for you.

Before applying, I want to get the detailed information first. Where can I get that? +

Much of the information you require is in this website, however, if you need more information, please feel free to call us at 011-40410000, and we will discuss further to help you make an informed decision.

How would I know whether I am eligible for working in the UK or not? +

In order to be eligible to work in the UK, you need to have a three-year Nursing degree, pass the OET/IELTS test, NMC registration as an overseas nurse, and CBT part-1.

How can I register as a nurse in the UK? +

If you are a Nurse or Medical Staff, or Allied Health Professional and want to work in the UK, send us your resume on or contact us at 011-40410000. We will evaluate your resume and contact you with further details.

What are the details I need to provide in my CV? +

It is vital that you provide detailed information about your work experience in your CV, especially applying for a post outside your country so that they could get all the required information. You should describe your duties clearly. Dynamic Health staff will provide you a template and sample that you can follow.

What is the process to register as a nurse in the UK? +

If you're looking for a nurse job opportunity in the UK, the following steps are required in the process of registration:

a. First, you need to have a 3-years nursing degree. Take the IELTS Academic (6.5 in writing and 7 in remaining and overall topics) or OET (grade B in all sections)

b. Appear in the Skype interview with an NHS hospital and secure a job offer

c. Register with NMC as it takes time and take the Computer Based Test (CBT)

d. Submit the documents to the NMC and receive a decision letter

e. Get your Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) and apply for your tier 2 visa

f. Book a flight to UK

g. Arrive in the UK and start working in the NHS Hospital as a Band 3 nurse

h. Take the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and work there for as long as you like. You can also apply for PR after 5 years.

How long does it take in the process of becoming a nurse in the UK? +

It takes a minimum of 6-8 months or more depending on your promptness and willingness to speed up the process. We will guide you along the whole process and even in relocation when you reach there.

What are the documents I need for a work permit application?+

When you apply, you’ll need to provide:

• Certificate of the sponsorship reference number
• Proof of your knowledge of English (IELTS/OET)
• Current passport
• Tuberculosis test results
• Criminal record certificate

Where can I take IELTS/OET? +

There are more than 200 test locations in 50 countries where you can take exams. IELTS is available four times a month on Thursdays and Saturdays on 48 fixed dates a year. Find an IELTS test centre near you.

OET is available in over 110 locations in 40 countries. OET is available on 14 test dates per year. Find more information about OET centre and test dates.

How do I register for my IELTS/ OET test? +

Most IELTS and OET test centres offer an online booking system. You just need the scanned copy of your passport and credit card for the payment.

Do I take all four tests on the same day? +

The test of Listening, Reading, and Writing are always taken together without any break. You may also sit in the Speaking test on the same day, or the test may be scheduled within seven days of the other test day depending on the test centre schedule.

Which test should the medical professionals take- IELTS or OET? +

This is a personal preference. We would recommend OET for Medical professionals however please note that IELTS UKVI will be required at a later stage no matter what test you choose initially.

How much will the process cost me? +

Dynamic Health staff doesn’t charge a recruitment or placement fee. But there are a couple of things that you have to pay like the OET/IELTS test, etc. For more information, read the process cost.

Do my family/children get free flights? +

No, you have to pay for the flight tickets for your family.

What score do I need in IELTS UKVI for my Visa? +

Generally, you require to have an overall band score of 5.5 for IELTS UKVI.

How would I get a Work Permit? +

You need to have a job offer before applying for a process to get a work permit. Your employer must apply for your work permit.

How frequently do I have to renew my work permit? +

It completely depends on your contract with the organization. Generally, your work permit can last up to 2 years. If you change your job, you’ll need a new work permit.

What is the minimum period that I have to commit to? +

We recruit for permanent posts, so you can stay as long as you want. If you leave within two years of your contract, financial reimbursement will be required by the hospital.

What does Band mean and why are there different numbers? +

The system of pay scale used in the UK is called 'Band.' There is different salary for different bands, the higher the band, the more the salary. It also represents the level of experience. These pay scales are reviewed every year. When you go to the UK, you work as a Band 3 nurse. Once you receive your NMC pin, your Band will increase and so will your salary.

What about the Visas for my family? +

If you want to take your family with you to the UK, you have to apply for their visas. To understand the process and other requirements, please refer to this UK Govt. page- Government Services and Information page.

Will I get the accommodation for me/ my family on arrival? +

You will receive one month’s accommodation when you arrive. Accommodation for your family needs to be arranged by yourself.

Who pays for the housing? +

Initially, 1-2 months’ accommodation will be provided by the hospitals you work for, after which you will be required pay for housing. We can provide complete assistance to you in finding permanent accommodation.

What if I want to work in another hospital after I arrive? +

Your new employer would have to sponsor your work permit and visa.

Will my children get free schooling? +

Free schooling will depend on the package and the position for which you are applying. In the event, your children’s schooling is not covered; the UK has several leading schools. To learn more about your child’s education options, please refer to the links below:

• State schools
• Private schools
• University
• Fees

I am going alone with my child. Is there childcare available? +

Some hospitals have childcare facilities; however, each candidate’s personal circumstances are reviewed, and a personalized plan for UK integration is formed before their arrival. Also, Dynamic Health staff will make sure that everything is in place for you when you arrive.

Will my partner be able to get a job? +

Yes, there are multiple options that may work for you.

Do I have to pay for medical care? +

If you are entitled to NHS treatment, that means, you will be able to use a GP (doctor), and other GP services (e.g., visiting a clinic), and get treatment in a hospital for free.

Any accompanying family members may be subject to entitlement, and if he won’t be entitled to NHS, it is very important that you take out medical insurance as private treatment can be very expensive there.

What are the other medical expenses I have to bear? +

If you are entitled to NHS treatment, you still may need to pay for some GP services, such as certain vaccinations, dental and optical treatment, prescribed medicines, etc.

For more information on Private Healthcare in the UK, please see Private Health.

Can I bring my dog or cat? +

In hospital accommodation, you will not be allowed to bring a pet. Once you have permanent accommodation, this is at the discretion of your landlord.

Do you provide a meet and greet service? +

Yes, Dynamic Health staff representative meets at the airport and take the candidate to accommodation.

What is CBT? +

CBT is a Computer Based Test that you can take once you're considered eligible. The test pattern is multiple-choice questions. You can attempt this test from various locations throughout the world.

What is the OSCE test? +

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is the last part of your assessment process in registration to be an overseas nurse. It is basically a practical test that involves the scenarios that you are likely to experience during your job as a nurse. You have to book the OSCE test once you arrive in the UK within 45 days.

How much tax will I be paying in the UK? +

There are online income tax calculator available where you can find out how much tax you have to pay. The income tax will automatically be deducted from your salary every month.

Will I get a pension? +

Yes. All the employees working under NHS trust are enrolled in their NHS Pension Scheme. If you don’t wish to be a part of the pension scheme, you have an option to opt-out.

Will I get holidays? +

Yes. Every full-time employee will be entitled to 27 days' paid annual leave with 8 public holidays.

Still, have something that hasn’t been answered here? +

We are here to help you in every way possible. If you have other doubts or query about a nursing career in the UK, please email us on or call us at +91-11-40410000.


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