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Ireland Nurses Vacancy

Are you a diligent healthcare professional in India looking for an opportunity to enlarge the scope of your career and work overseas? Well, then you definitely are at the right place!

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, bring you an astounding opportunity that will certainly help you in not only expanding your career options but will also turn out to be a great working experience for you. We are here to assist you in making the best use of the Ireland nurse vacancy and the growing demand of healthcare professionals in Ireland. 

Know What Makes Ireland a Great Place to Work as a Nursing Professional!

Ireland is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in the west of Europe and out in the middle of the Atlantic. Getting an opportunity to work and live in one of the most serene atmospheres across Europe definitely makes one fortunate enough. Not only this, it has also one of the best leading public healthcare systems in the world. It offers its residents the best treatment at subsidised rates. Also, it offers its residents free public education and is in the top amongst the list of the safest places across the globe. Most importantly, Ireland is one the fastest growing economies of the world. So, if you are working as a nursing professional in Ireland, you can expect an above average pay package compared to other major countries.

The Ever-Increasing Ireland Nurse Vacancy

The country has been facing a shortage in the number of healthcare professionals, especially nurses. The main cause of it is its ageing population, the number of nurses retiring every year is much higher than mew trained nurses joining there. Therefore, to meet the Ireland nurse vacancy, the country in the past few years started recruiting nursing professionals from overseas. This opened up a great opportunity for diligent and trained nurses in India to work as a nursing professional in Ireland.

Know How to Grab a Nursing Job in Ireland

In order to become a nursing professional in Ireland, one needs to mandatorily register themselves with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). It is not a one-time registration but it needs to be renewed every year along with an Annual Retention of €100. Failure in the payment of Annual Retention fee may make you lose your registration to work as a nursing professional in Ireland.

However, you need not worry because the amount that you will be earning while working as a nursing professional in Ireland is undoubtedly worth. Also, the applicants get to choose their areas of specialisations and the one in which they would preferably work.

Know What All You Need To Make Use Of The Ireland Nurses Vacancy

The country offers a vast scope of practicing as a nursing professional in Ireland with various specialties like midwifery, psychiatry, or general. To become a midwife or a psychiatric nurse, you need to have an MSc. degree specializing in midwifery and psychiatry, respectively. To become a general nurse, you will require a diploma or BSc. in nursing. Along with the degree qualification, you also need to have experience working as a nursing professional.

Additionally, for non-English speaking countries, the candidates aspiring to work as a nursing professional in Ireland or make use of the Ireland nurses vacancy need to appear and pass IELTS or OET tests to prove their English proficiency to work as a healthcare professional in Ireland.

What Are The Perks Of Working In Ireland As A Nursing Professional?

Other than a long list of reasons that make Ireland an exciting place to work as a nursing professional, the benefits of working in Ireland as a nurse include remuneration facilities, long service increment payable after three years, payable airfare by the health service executive from your country of origin to Ireland as well as the return fare on completion of the contract. Also, the health service executive of Ireland will be paying for your accommodation for the first six weeks of your stay in Ireland.

The country also offers a relaxing working environment to its healthcare professionals expecting you to work only 39 hours per week, much less than the standard weekly working hours.

Most importantly, your family is entitled to an Ireland Visa once you complete your training. So, you can invite your family to Ireland too while working as a nursing professional in Ireland.

Know How Dynamic Health Staff Can Help You with Ireland Nurses Vacancy

Dynamic Health Staff takes pride in giving wings to people’s dreams and fulfilling lakhs of promises of aspiring individuals who wished to work as a healthcare professional abroad or provide a boost to their careers as a healthcare professional. So, if you too are an aspiring nursing professional willing to give a boost to your career and earn a higher income, it’s time that you make the best use of the Ireland nurses vacancy today.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering precisely the nursing job that you are looking for. Our experts personally understand your aspirations and preferences of the job you desire and help you in every step you take to build a better career for yourself. We are there to assist you in every step, beginning from documentation, registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, applying for job applications, filling up the Visa application form, verification, preparing you for the job interview, training, etc. We know and understand the significance of your dream career and ensure that you don’t miss even a single opportunity and get your application approved in first attempt.

Step by step process to apply for Ireland Nurses Vacancy

In order to apply for Ireland Nurses Vacancy, the first thing that you got to do is visit the website of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. You will find an Overseas Application Request form in which you have to fill all correct and complete details regarding your qualification, experience, English efficiency score, personal details etc., and submit the same with an application fee. Once NMBI processes your application, you will be asked to complete a certain filling by relevant authorities in your country for your identification, security and proof of your qualification/ experience purposes.

When the NMBI receives all the information they need, they will assess your application, forms and documents attached. The time period to assess the application is usually upto 90 days. Also, you can track your application’s progress through your registration on the NMBI website.

Sounds tough? Well, the entire process may turn out to be strenuous for you, and a small mistake or error on your part may lead you to lose the job that you are looking for. But, with professional assistance and guidance from Dynamic Health Staff, it is now simple to not only apply but also grab the best jobs overseas. So, get in touch with us today to make the best use of Ireland Nurses Vacancy.

Is IELTS Exam mandatory to apply for the Ireland Nurses vacancy

Not a very long time back, a minimum of 7 scores in the IELTS exam was a mandatory requirement in order to apply for nursing jobs in Ireland. However, like other western countries, this requirement has now been lifted in Ireland too, to some extent.

Earlier, the aspiring candidates applying for Ireland Nurses Vacancy had to appear for both OET (Occupational English Test) and IELTS. But now, merely the score of OET has been accepted by the regulatory board of Ireland, NMBI, to prove the English efficiency of aspiring candidates.

This shift from the IELTS exam has widened the scope of getting Nursing jobs in Ireland for aspiring nursing professionals from India. So, if you too aspire to work as a nursing professional in Ireland, then here is the right opportunity for you! Apply today with Dynamic Health Staff.

Register yourself with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland today to make the best use of Ireland Nurses vacancy

The NMBI or Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland is committed to enabling Irish registered nurses and midwives to play a leading role in improving our health service. The primary role of NMBI includes supporting nurses and midwives, making the right decisions for patient care and achieving professional nursing practice standards. In order to practice as a nurse in Ireland, it is mandatory to register yourself with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland maintains standards of professional nursing and midwifery practices by ensuring that the nurses and midwives are competent, safety-conscious, act with compassion and kindness and are trained to provide safe and high-quality care. It ensures that the practising nursing professionals possess knowledge and skills which are competent, latest and up-to-date. It thrives to achieve professional development in the healthcare sector.

Additionally, Nursing and Midwifery also ensure to create a healthy environment not only for patients and colleagues but also for the nursing professionals. So, if you are looking for a nursing job overseas that pays you well and offers a comfortable working environment, then here is the right opportunity for you! Apply for nursing jobs in Ireland with Dynamic Health Staff today and make the best use of the Ireland Nurses vacancy.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff

Dynamic Health Staff is one of the leading human resource providers across the globe with over 40 years of experience in this business. We are a huge team of dedicated and intrinsic individuals spread across different countries who are there to help you in making out the best use of the available opportunities. We bring the latest and updated information about vacancies, application process, visa guidelines. We have sent over 17,000 young and trained nurses to Ireland in the past few years who are now living their dreams of a great career with a high standard of living.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to guide you and help you in every step you take towards the path of success in your career.

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I would really like to thank the entire Dynamic Health Staff team for constant support and reliable services. Also, the whole team is very helpful and helped me with all my queries. And I have acquired the best nursing job in Ireland with their assistance. Moreover, they maintained complete transparency about their recruitment approach. They discuss and explain everything in detail. Plus, they took care of even a tiny detail and made the process easier for me. I commend Dynamic Health Staff to everyone who wishes to get the best nursing placement in Ireland.

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- Ashabana

I can thank Dynamic Health Staff enough for their support in the whole process. Also, they had brought to me this big opportunity in my life. They offered me some of the best nursing job vacancies in Ireland. Also, their online training program helped me in passing the exam on just the first attempt. And the experts guided me to clear the interview smoothly. Their guidance was exceptionally helpful. Moreover, they helped me in the visa application process and other documentation as well. I would totally recommend Dynamic Health Staff to everyone who wants to acquire a reputed nursing job in Ireland.

- Mohd. Shiraz

Dynamic Health Staff helped me in getting the best nursing job that I wished for. Also, they were so supportive and helped me in everything. I must state that it would be much more difficult for me to achieve this goal without their support. And the entire team was prompt and fulfilled all the promises. I found Dynamic Health Staff the best and most reliable for nursing job placements. Thus, I would undoubtedly recommend them if you wish to excel in your nursing career and get the best Ireland nurse job.

- Ashna Raj

I was looking for the right assistance to get a suitable nursing job in Ireland. Then, one of my friends told me about Dynamic Health Staff. I approached them at the earliest. Also, I had many queries and doubts related to the placement. But, they explained it all very clearly. I was satisfied and motivated after talking to them. Moreover, their training program helped me to clear the IELTS exam easily. They guided me to prepare for the interview. Also, they helped me with the NMBI registration. The whole paperwork and other document submission process went smoothly. Now I am placed in the top Ireland healthcare center. I am thankful to the DHS team for such dedicated support. Highly recommended!

- Ashwin


Frequently Answered Questions

There are increasing vacancies in Ireland for nurses. This makes it fairly easy for medical professionals to apply for jobs in hospitals and even private clinics. The process of migration may take some time but you should apply as you register through to the appropriate medical board.

Ireland has one of the most stable economies and a well throughout healthcare system at subsidised rates. This has allowed a very effortless functioning of one of the best healthcare systems, and you get to be a part of it.

While Ireland has a great healthcare system and a stable economy, it also has one of the highest numbers of senior citizens in its country. This means many medical professionals have retired over the last few days.

You need to register yourself with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). This needs to be renewed every year with an annual fee of 100 euros. You also get the liberty to choose the department you want to work in.

You will need all your education qualifications; English efficiency score and some personal details are required to register yourself with the NMBI. This needs to be filled out under the Overseas Application Request.

There is a lot more room for you to grow professionally. There is a long service increment payable after three years, payable airfare by the health service executive from your country of origin to Ireland and the return fare on completion of the contract, among many other perks.

Once you have filled out the form at NMBI, you will have to get all your documents verified by the appropriate government bodies. It is only after you upload all the forms with appropriate documents that your application will be processed.

You need to pass a simple Qualifying English Test (QET). The requirements of TOEFL or even GRE are no longer there for working professionals in this field. If you have any doubts, all the information is available on the NMBI website as well.

There is a single portal for everyone who wants to become a nurse or work in the midwifery department in Ireland. Your registration to the NMBI is the first step.

The application by NMBI will take around 90 days to process after it has been submitted successfully.

Nursing jobs in Ireland are in high demand. However, to work as a registered nurse in Ireland, you must have a current nursing license, no less than two years of experience in the nursing field, and qualify for IELTS with at least a passing grade. Dynamic Health Staff helps you to find the best nurse vacancy in Ireland. We guide and support young and bright talents to obtain their dream jobs easily. So our team guides you at every step of the placement process. After passing the recruitment process, you can get the best nursing job with a decent income in Ireland. Besides, your salary can vary depending on experience, location, job position, and nurse type. Let's have a look at nursing salaries based on the experience criteria-

Nursing Experience Expected Salary (USD per hour) Expected Salary (INR per hour)
Less than 1 year $33.35 Rs. 2,734.54
1-2 years $35.85 Rs. 2,939.53
3-5 years $37.63 Rs. 3,085.49
6-9 years $38.98 Rs. 3,196.18
More than 10 years $43.59 Rs. 3,574.18

Moreover, the average salary of nurses in Ireland can range from around €30,609 to €45,337 per year. And the highest salary is expected to be around €55,602. Also, the newly joined nurses may get the lowest salary initially, and clinical nurses, senior staff nurses, RNs, and RANPs will get the highest salaries. With Dynamic Health Staff, you can find the best nursing positions and enjoy the benefits of Ireland's highest-paying nurse job.

There are abundant opportunities for nurses in Ireland. Also, Ireland has an increased requirement for a workforce for primary care services. Due to the rise in population and the need for healthcare professionals, the Irish government plans to hire more migrant nurses and midwives. With the assistance of Dynamic Health Staff, you can find the top nurse vacancy in Ireland. We have vast experience in offering the best nursing jobs overseas. Hence, we assure you to provide the best as per your eligibility and needs. Besides, here are some top and high-demand nursing jobs in Ireland-
Emergency nurse: An emergency nurse takes care of severely ill patients. And their job requires intense training to work in this field. Although an emergency nurse's pay is quite high, it may vary as per your experience.
Oncology nurse: An oncology nurse takes care of the patients in the cancer department. Also, as an oncology nurse, you must take care of patients requiring chemotherapy and other similar therapies. However, you must have a bachelor's degree to become an oncology nurse.
Community nurse: Being a community nurse, you need to take care of the patients in clinics, hospitals, and at their residences. And you may need to care for children, older adults, or people with disabilities.
Theatre nurse: A theatre nurse assist doctors and surgeon before, after, and during surgical procedures. It is a specialized and highly-paid nursing position. Also, this field offers better opportunities for skilled surgical care practitioners in future.

Nursing in Ireland is a successful job opportunity. Also, the working conditions for a nurse in Ireland are fantastic. Also, there are plenty of prospects to excel in your nursing career. After gaining some experience, you can easily opt for better positions and salaries. So you can learn and enhance your skills in specific nursing fields like paediatrics, child psychology, surgical care practitioner, etc. and earn much better in the future. Ireland has one of the most healthcare systems in the world. And it values healthcare professionals, and nursing is a highly-respectable job offering a better lifestyle and safety. And you can get the best opportunities to do the best in your nursing career. Hence, a nurse job in Ireland is surely a successful and greatest career option.

Yes, you can become a nurse after completing your bachelor's in nursing. And it is the basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a nursing career. BSc nursing is a full-time graduate program that helps you develop healthcare skills. After completing the course, you can get multiple nursing jobs opportunities like a registered nurse, community health nurse, military nurse, and more. Also, you can earn a decent job and income after BSc nursing. Studying BSc nursing is the best choice if you wish to practice nursing. You can have plenty of opportunities to do well in your career. Besides, you can get specialization and do masters in specific nursing sectors. Hence, BSc nursing is the best way to kick-start your nursing career.

Nursing is becoming one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide. Thus, there is significant job growth seen in this field. It is a booming career option. Here are some top reasons to choose your career in nursing-

  • Nursing courses, certifications, and diplomas are available everywhere. Hence, you can easily find various job options across the world.
  • There is the highest job security in nursing. Also, you can get many chances to grow your nursing career.
  • You can find abundant specialities and opportunities to enhance your skills in nursing. You can get specialization as per your interest and choose roles.
  • Nurses get excellent pay and are highly respected. Also, there is always job safety and growth in this field.

Moreover, nursing is the best job that offers a sense of personal fulfilment and is the best way to serve society.

Two years of experience is at least necessary to apply for nursing jobs in Ireland. Also, nurses outside the EU must qualify for IELTS to become eligible for working in Ireland. However, if you don't have any nursing experience, you must have a nursing degree and license. A bachelor's degree in nursing is very important to apply for a nursing job without experience. Besides, you can contact Dynamic Health Staff to learn about nurse vacancies in Ireland with no experience. Our team will guide you on acquiring Ireland nursing jobs with or without experience. Also, we assess your eligibility and assist you throughout the process. You can reach out to us for the best nursing jobs in Ireland.


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