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Jobs in Dubai for Nurses

Dubai, a country known for its excellence in rapid industrial development while conserving its heritage and culture. It also aims to become a global healthcare leader resulting in new and large healthcare facilities opening up for people aspiring to get jobs in Dubai for nurses or as any other healthcare professional. In the past few years, we have witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of available jobs in Dubai for nurses so, if you are planning to expand your career opportunities by working overseas as a healthcare professional then this is a great opportunity for you.

Perks of Living and Working in Dubai as a Healthcare Professional

If you are looking for an opportunity to work overseas, Dubai is definitely a great option. It not only is a great place to live in but also comes with greater working experience. The place is known for its multicultural workforce in all sectors. People from different backgrounds, different countries, different beliefs and different cultures who speak different languages forms the major portion of the total workforce in Dubai. So, as a healthcare professional in Dubai you get an opportunity to work with people from across the world. Also, one of the most significant perks of working in Dubai is that people have a tax-free income there. It means professionals aren’t liable to pay any taxes to the state. Dubai is also one of the greatest tourist hubs because of its world class infrastructure and great standard of living. Additionally, if you are skilled and lucky enough to get a job in top private clinics that offer prime healthcare facilities, you also get to enjoy other benefits like free accommodation, travel allowance, bonus on completion of the contract etc.

Know How to Make Use of the Opportunity of Vacancy of Jobs in Dubai for Nurses

The country offers plenty of jobs in Dubai for nurses. However, the process to grab a job as a nursing professional in one of the global healthcare leading countries is quite a strenuous one. We, at Dynamic Health Staff are your best consultants who are here to guide you throughout the entire process and help you sail through it.

In order to grab one of the available jobs in Dubai for nurses, the foremost thing that you should know about is the eligibility criteria that requires you to have a professional bachelor’s degree in nursing with adequate documentation proof. Also, Indian nurses who are looking for jobs in Dubai need to have a minimum one year of nursing experience from India too. Additionally, if you wish to become a licensed nurse in Dubai, you need to appear for specific licensing exams along with minimum two years of nursing experience in Dubai.

What Is The Scope Of Work That You Can Expect To Get High Paying Jobs In Dubai For Nurses?

Being one of the rapidly growing economies and healthcare sectors worldwide, Dubai offers a wide variety of specialization options for practicing as a nursing professional.

If the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) accepts your application form, you will be allotted one of the cadres as per your specialization and preference. Different specialties for nursing professionals working in Dubai are registered nurses, midwives, community nursing, pediatrics nursing, mental health nursing, critical care nursing, neonatal nursing, home care nursing, school nursing, nurse practitioners, etc.

Dubai is a prosperous country, experiencing high rapid growth, known for its culture and high standard of living, making it a perfect place for aspiring individuals looking for jobs in Dubai for nurses.

Know How To Apply For Jobs In Dubai For Nurses

To get your hands on one of the jobs in Dubai for nurses, the primary requirement is an accredited nursing or midwifery program with a minimum of three years duration in training. One also needs to hold a minimum of a basic life support certificate and two years of post-graduation experience. To apply for nursing jobs in Dubai, you need to register with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), a regulatory agency for healthcare professionals in the health industry. Along with registration, you will also require to pay an online application fee. Upon completing registration with the DHA, you need to wait for a response from DHA verifying and validating your application and taking you to the next and the most significant step of verifying your documents. The Dubai Health Authority generally takes 60-90 days to process your application. On verification, if you are deemed to be eligible, you will be required to appear for the Dubai Prometric exam, in which you are expected to score a minimum of 60% marks.

On passing the Dubai Prometric Exam, you will be issued an eligibility letter for practicing as a nursing professional in Dubai. The eligibility letter is valid for one year from the date of passing the exam.

Know How Can We Help You Land In One Of The Best Jobs In Dubai For Nurses

You cannot simply afford to go wrong or even miss a chance when it comes to your career. Applying for nursing job applications overseas may seem a simple task; however, it is not!

Applying for jobs in Dubai for nurses involves intricacies that you may miss out on if you apply without any professional guidance or help. Professional assistance like one from experts at Dynamic Health Staff leaves no room for missing out on such intricacies or committing errors and ensures that you land the job you desire in one go.

Additionally, we help you in every step that you take to apply for your dream job and ensure that you land in that job too. We assist in filling up the application, applying for a visa, and preparing you for the interview and training.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff?

We, at Dynamic Health staff, are here to help you get your hands on one of the best jobs in Dubai for nurses. We guide you through to grab a job as a nurse in the best clinics and healthcare centres in Dubai. We are a team of dedicated and intrinsic individuals who expertise in this business with over 40 years of experience. Our team is here to guide you and help you in every step that you take to build a better future for yourself from understanding eligibility, qualification and VISA requirements to submitting your job applications and training.

In the recent past, Dynamic Health Staff has recruited over 20,000 healthcare professionals in the best clinics and healthcare centres in Dubai. Along with great experience, we also have a commendable record of reviews from our customers who have greatly benefitted from our service. So, if you are planning to expand your career opportunities as a nursing professional in Dubai and build a better future for yourself, then get in touch with our experts today!

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Dynamic Health Staff has years of experience and a wide network in providing the best nursing jobs overseas. I am very happy with their working process. Also, they found the right fit nursing job for me in Dubai. And the team helped me with the paperwork, visa requirements, and training. With their support, I was able to crack the exam easily. They guided me very well with each step. And I am really thankful to them for helping me to grab the best nursing job in the top Dubai healthcare clinic. Strongly recommended!

- Athira Krishnan

It was a dream to work as a healthcare professional in Dubai. The tax-free income, high living standards, and good career opportunities were some reasons to work there. But, I was clueless about the eligibility and application process. The entire DHS team helped and guided me throughout the procedure. Also, they checked all my papers, documents, and qualification before to avoid any last-minute issues. Everything went smoothly and I passed the interview just for the first attempt. Thanks to their expert online training program. Furthermore, I would totally suggest contacting them if you are looking forward to working as a leading healthcare professional in Dubai.

- Binoy George

I had two years of post-graduate experience in nursing. But, I wanted to grow my career and gain even more knowledge in this sector. So, I decided to apply for a nursing job in Dubai. But, I was unable to find suitable vacancies. Then, I reached out to Dynamic Health Staff to know the complete detail and process for application. They guided me so well and discussed every small detail with me. Also, they found the best nursing vacancies that suited my needs. Their team backed me at every step, i.e. from documentation to the final interview process. They really made this tiring process easier for me. Highly recommended!

- Bruntha

Dynamic Health Staff has a proven track record. And I am delighted to choose them over others. Also, they are very helpful and genuinely care about talented professionals. They were always present to advise at every step all through the recruitment process. The entire team is friendly and responsive. Moreover, they have the best online training program. The flexible timings and expert guidance helped me a lot to clear my exam on the first attempt. Also, it supported clearing my interview without any hassle. I cannot thank the entire team enough for their support. And help me in starting my nursing career in the top Dubai healthcare center.

- Chaitanya

It’s been a year since I was trying for a nurse job in Dubai. But, something lacked and I was quite frustrated. But, then I came to know about Dynamic Health Staff nurse recruitment services. They have a great experience. And they understood my needs very well. They helped with my job application, training, and visa application. Also, they found the best nursing job options in Dubai for me. And I got the opportunity to work as a nurse in a top Dubai clinic. Thank you so much for helping me build my career. Strongly recommended!

- Deepa Jose


Frequently Answered Questions

Dubai is known for its technological advancements and architectural marvels across the world. Since it has become a global hub that has managed to only increase their economy, also aim at providing some of the best medical aid and technology. This is why there are always openings for nurse jobs in Dubai.

The standard of living in Dubai is extremely high. The kind of experience you will get with a staff that has trained across the globe, with some of the best technology there is.

There are many openings for Indian nurses and other medical professionals in Dubai. You do not always have to look for jobs for nurses in Dubai beyond the hospital websites in most cases.

You will need a nursing degree or even a diploma in the related field. It is possible that particular hospitals may ask you for some work experience. While that is always welcomed, it is not always a requirement.

You get better working hours, as compared to India. The paid leaves also increase for you with time and experience. The medical field is one of the highest-paid industries in Dubai and nursing staff is always in demand.

Yes, the costs of living are high in Dubai. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, your salary, perks, and the compensations you get make it a competitive and extremely sought-after profession.

If you are not sure how to proceed further with your job prospects in Dubai, you can always contact the hospital directly and look for any openings. Jobs in Dubai for nurses are always in demand.

There can be no one straight answer for what kind of pay grade you would fall under because it depends on your training, experience, and even the department you are working for in Dubai.

There are a lot of perks that you will enjoy in Dubai nurse jobs. Besides the pay grade, compensations paid holidays, you also get overtime as well. The timings of the shifts are a lot more organized and easier for you to manage.

You can apply through the hospital directly or via a consultant. Both the processes involve the same steps and can be followed through easily.

Depending on the sector, job location, and candidate eligibility, the average nurse income in the UAE is AED 9,000 per month and can reach AED 15,000. And healthcare sector in Dubai is the highest-paying sector. Also, salaries in Dubai are tax-free. Besides, the whole amount comprises 30% of allowances (housing, transportation, and other monetary benefits) and 70% of basic pay. Dynamic Health Staff helps you find the best and highest-paying nurse job in Dubai per your eligibility and needs. We are a leading nurse recruitment agency and will assist you in obtaining your dream nursing job in Dubai.

However, the salary may vary depending on your experience as well. Initial pay may be lowest for freshly hired nurses; maximum pay goes to clinical nurses, senior staff nurses, RNs, etc. But there are wide opportunities to learn and grow your nursing career in Dubai. With Dynamic Health Staff, you may discover the greatest nursing roles and benefits of Dubai's highest-paying nursing jobs.

Dubai is the best place for nurses who want to advance their nursing careers in a new and exciting way. And there is a significant need for experienced, qualified nurses in Dubai, and several nursing job openings nationwide exist. A nurse job in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to kick-start or grow your nursing career. If you are looking for reputable nursing jobs in Dubai, then Dynamic Health Staff can help you provide the more relevant jobs per your needs. Below listed are some top nursing jobs in Dubai-

  • Registered nurse
  • ICU nurse
  • Staff Nurse
  • Pediatric nurse
  • Dental nurse
  • School nurse
  • Nurse assistant
  • Home healthcare nurse
  • OT registered nurse
  • Gynaecology & obstetrics nurse

A nurse's job in Dubai is a lucrative career option. Also, the working condition in Dubai's healthcare is amazing. Also, there are various opportunities for you to grow your nursing to the greatest heights. You can easily choose higher jobs and pay once you've gained experience. To improve your earning potential, you should learn more about specialized nursing professions like pediatrics, child psychology, surgical care practitioner, etc.

Dubai has one of the largest healthcare systems in the world. Additionally, it honors healthcare workers, and nursing is a well-respected job offering better living and safety standards. Also, you can receive the best chances to excel in your nursing career. Consequently, working as a nurse in Dubai is undoubtedly a lucrative and excellent career choice.

Indeed! You can become a nurse after getting a BSc nursing degree from a recognized college or university. Also, it is one of the basic requirements to work as a nurse in Dubai. The full-time graduate program in BSc nursing aids in developing healthcare-related abilities. After completing the course, you will have access to various nursing careers, including those as a registered nurse, community health nurse, military nurse, and more.
Here are the eligibility criteria necessary for nursing in Dubai-

  • Requires a bachelor's degree/BSc. Nursing/midwifery course as a full-time course for at least three years
  • Must be a graduate of an accredited nursing school or college, either nationally or internationally
  • One should have a minimum experience of two years as a registered nurse.
  • All non-UAE national graduate nurses from UAE universities must complete a post-graduation, six (6) month internship.
  • Candidates must possess a current license or registration to practice medicine in their place of origin and their most recent job (where applicable).
  • All nurses must maintain current certification in basic life support (BLS) or other certifications as required by their practice area.

Besides, you can contact the DHS team for more in-depth information about the process and requirements for nursing jobs in Dubai.

You may choose to become a nurse for plenty of reasons. To begin with, nursing jobs are rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting. Also, it is one of the most respectable job positions in Dubai. And every other day, you may get a chance to learn something new. Nursing is a highly demanded job with great pay and a societal reputation. The annual pay of a registered nurse in Dubai is, on average, 62,236 AED. However, it can be much higher for those working for private families or medical practices.
In addition to a good salary, there are some other benefits to choosing to become a nurse, such as-

  • Relocation allowance to move to Dubai
  • Free lodging and housing allowance
  • Life, health, and dental insurance
  • Forty-day yearly leave
  • Tax-free income
  • Education funding for kids
  • And one free return trip home a year.

You must complete a minimum 3-year training program in nursing or midwifery. Also, you must gain a certificate for basic life support. A minimum of two years of experience after registering is required as well. So you must have at least two years of nursing experience to apply for nursing jobs in Dubai. And it is vital to pass the exam conducted by the DHA, which can be done in your country too. A bachelor's degree is crucial to apply for a nursing position in Dubai.

Besides, you can contact Dynamic Health Staff to learn more about applying for Dubai nursing without experience. We will counsel you through the entire recruitment process. Our experts will assist you in finding nursing jobs in Dubai, whether you have experience or not. Also, our team will assess your eligibility and provide the best you deserve. Hence, you can approach us for the best nursing jobs in top Dubai hospitals.


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