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Nursing Jobs in Canada

Nursing is a crucial component of the healthcare system in Canada. Nurses are responsible for providing patient care, administering medications, monitoring patient progress, and assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in providing treatments. In Canada, several different types of nursing jobs are available, including registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, nurse practitioner, and nurse educator. Each of these roles requires different levels of education and training and offers different opportunities for career advancement.

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Growing Demand for Nursing Jobs in Canada
Over the past ten years, there has been a steady increase in demand in Canada for healthcare professionals. Canada also provides permanent visas and a comfortable salary for persons wishing to relocate to Canada as healthcare professionals to make the environment for healthcare professionals, especially nursing staff, more favourable.

Dynamic Health Staff is here to help you take advantage of Canada's growing need for nursing staff. The healthcare industry is listed under NOC 3012 in Canada, with a high nurse demand. The Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program allows Indian nurses to immigrate to Canada on federal and provincial nominations, making them eligible for full permanent status. Fulfilling the administrative criteria of signing up with the Registered Nurses Association of the desired Canadian province and joining country's recognized college of licensed nurses.

How to Find Nursing Jobs in Canada?

Dynamic Health Staff helps aspiring professional nurses from India realise their ambition of working in Canada. One must apply for and pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, research the Canadian provinces that need nurses, then apply for the provincial nomination to land a nursing position there.

Since English is not spoken as a first language in India, Indian nurses must also take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic exam and the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. IELTS exam score comprises overall and individual scores for each communication ability. The minimum IELTS score for Indian nurses to be eligible for permanent residency is 6.5 overall, with at least 7 in the speaking component and not less than 6 in any other component. The application includes the IELTS test result as an attachment.

A few steps are involved in getting nursing jobs in Canada. What's more, you should follow these moves toward becoming a medical caretaker in Canada:

  • You must investigate each provincial association.
  • Then play out a self-evaluation and apply for a region or domain.
  • According to their guidelines, you must meet all eligibility requirements. Furthermore, you need to submit verification of your language capability in English.
  • Apply for the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) after receiving a temporary permit.

What to Look for When Applying for a Nursing Position in Canada?

If you don’t want to make a record of your application.

  • Send proof of your ID in two copies.
  • The nursing education application must then be submitted. Also, you should present the Nursing enrollment structure, which shows that you were authorised in your country.
  • You will also submit the Nursing Employment Form to confirm that you have worked as a nurse in the previous five years.

Dynamic Health Staff handles the entire job application process. We'll make it easy for you by guiding you through each step of the nursing job application process.

Top Nursing Jobs in Canada

  • Registered Nurse
    Registered Nurses (RNs) are responsible for assessing patients, developing care plans, administering medications, and monitoring patient progress. RNs work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and community health centres. According to the Canadian Nurses Association, there are over 400,000 registered nurses in Canada, making it the largest nursing group in the country.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
    Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide basic patient care, administer medications, and monitor patient progress. LPNs work under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians and typically work in long-term care facilities and community health centres. There are currently over 70,000 licensed practical nurses in Canada.
  • Nurse Practitioner
    Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice nurses who can diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, and order diagnostic tests. NPs work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centres. There are currently over 5,000 nurse practitioners in Canada.

What are the advantages of working as a nurse in Canada?

Canada has the best healthcare system and provides nurses with much exposure. Additionally, there are different vocational possibilities for medical caretakers who wish to acquire higher positions and pay rates. Here are a few top advantages of finding a medical caretaker line of work in Canada.

  • High extension for professional development
    Getting a nursing licence in Canada can open up a world of possibilities. Likewise, there are plentiful learning choices for vocation development in nursing. As a result, becoming a nurse in Canada helps you to develop your skills and advance your career.
  • Job Safety
    Nurses are always in high demand in Canada's healthcare systems. Therefore, job security is one of the primary advantages of finding nursing jobs in Canada.
  • Compensation
    You can earn a decent living in Canada as a registered nurse. Additionally, nurses in Canada are paid well. So you can procure around 60,000 to computer-aided or aided design 104 000 yearly. You can also work toward specialisation or promotions to increase your pay.
  • Hourly work arrangements
    Medical attendants in Canada can work part-time or full-time. Additionally, they are free to set their working hours.
  • Setting for work
    In Canada, nursing is a respected profession. In addition, the healthcare systems in Canada have fantastic workplaces. Nurses are regarded with the utmost respect and are lavishly compensated for their work.

Best Places to Work as a Nurse in Canada

Some of Canada's best places to work as a nurse include hospitals, long-term care facilities, community health centres, and government agencies. According to the Newsweek Best Hospitals ranking, some of the top hospitals in Canada include Toronto General Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and many more. Call us today to know more.

Nursing Salaries in Canada

Nursing salaries in Canada vary depending on the nursing job type, experience level, and location. According to Indeed, the average salary for a registered nurse in Canada is $41.54 per hour, while the average salary for a licensed practical nurse is $28.94 per hour. Nurse practitioners earn an average salary of $49.26 per hour.

Continuing Education for Nurses in Canada

Continuing education is an important part of maintaining a nursing licence in Canada. Nurses must complete several continuing education hours each year to maintain their licences. There are many options for continuing education, including online courses, workshops, and conferences.

What Attracts You to Dynamic Health Staff?

If you are considering a career in nursing in Canada, there has never been a better time to start. With a growing demand for healthcare professionals, a strong job market, and many opportunities for career advancement, nursing is an excellent career choice. Dynamic Health Staff, one of the best Human Resources providers, can help you maximise opportunities. Our group of specialists assists you in each step that you with taking to construct a superior profession for yourself, starting from recording an application structure, meeting the qualification rules, setting you up for the OET/IELTS test, going after the position, visa prerequisites, getting your visa endorsed and in setting you up for the meeting and preparing purposes. We help you through the enrollment process and guarantee that you get consistent change to one of the most amazing nursing jobs in Canada for Indian attendants.

This update may have provided a clear understanding of the growing need for nurses in international healthcare systems. Dynamic Health Staff assists nurses in moving abroad with competitive pay and benefits. Please get in touch with us immediately if you are a nurse seeking to begin your career overseas.

Contact information for organisations wishing to hire nurses from India to help fill the shortage in 55 countries is +919810017608 or email

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After months of searching, I finally landed my dream nursing job in Canada. I had applied to numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities, facing rejection after rejection. But I persisted, honing my skills, and one day, I came across Dynamic Health Staff. Finally, my perseverance paid off when I received the call offering me a position. The feeling of excitement and relief was indescribable as I embarked on this new chapter of my career in a country known for its excellent healthcare system.

Shalini A

Moving to Canada was a daunting experience, especially as I searched for a nursing job. Coming from a different country meant navigating unfamiliar processes and requirements. I spent hours researching licensure exams and certifications specific to Canada's healthcare industry. Despite the challenges, I remained determined to pursue my passion for nursing in this new environment. Eventually, my hard work and determination paid off when I secured a position at a reputable hospital. The sense of accomplishment and pride in overcoming obstacles made the journey worthwhile.


Transitioning to nursing in Canada was a rollercoaster of emotions. As an immigrant, I faced the additional hurdle of adapting to a new culture and healthcare system. Countless job applications and interviews tested my resilience, but I refused to give up. With each rejection, I sought feedback and worked on improving my skills. Finally, my perseverance paid off when I received an offer from a community clinic. The opportunity to make a difference in people's lives in my new home filled me with gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead.


Fresh out of nursing school in Mumbai, the Toronto emergency room was a total whirlwind. Dealing with language barriers, unfamiliar protocols, and a crazy number of patients had me on edge. But my preceptor, Priya, a Canadian-Indian nurse, was an absolute rockstar. She helped me navigate through the chaos, gave me insider tips on the licensing process, and even hooked me up with a clinic in her rural hometown in Nova Scotia. Fast forward a year, and I traded the blaring city sirens for the soothing sound of ocean waves. Although I miss Priya, I'm loving life in this tight-knit community, using my skills to make a real difference, one patient at a time.

Tara Chettri

As an internationally educated nurse, the road to Canadian licensure felt daunting. The exams, the paperwork, the endless waiting periods – it almost made me give up. But the thought of my family, who had sacrificed so much, fueled me. I joined Dynamic Health Staff and found a mentor at the agency. The day I received my license was a tearful celebration. Now, years later, I'm a proud head nurse in a pediatric unit, cherishing the smiles I bring to little faces, grateful for the second chance Canada gave me.


My backpacking trip through Canada was supposed to be temporary, a chance to experience a different culture. However, volunteering at a remote First Nations health clinic changed everything. Witnessing the dedication of the nurses to the critical need for healthcare in underserved communities sparked a new passion within me. I returned home, enrolled in nursing school, and vowed to bridge the gap. Today, I'm part of a mobile healthcare unit, traveling across British Columbia, providing care to Indigenous communities, fulfilling my dream, and honoring the spirit that first drew me to this beautiful country.

Tintu T

The fresh mountain air of Alberta was a world apart from the busy streets of Manila. When I arrived as a new immigrant nurse, the language barrier seemed like an impossible obstacle. But my patients, young and old, showed me otherwise. Their smiles, gestures, and even a few broken English phrases spoke volumes of trust and gratitude. Every day, I picked up new medical terms in French and Cree, but more importantly, the universal language of care built connections. Now, fully integrated into the community, I proudly support my fellow immigrant colleagues as a language liaison, proving that compassion can bridge any divide.


The sight of those tiny fingers gripping mine after a delicate procedure in the Calgary NICU always lit a fire within me. But deep down, I longed to make a bigger impact. So, after years of refining my skills, I made the switch to public health. Thanks to Dynamic Health Staff, who helped me ease the transition. Now, I'm part of a team tackling vaccine hesitancy in remote communities. From organizing educational workshops to working closely with local leaders, I've witnessed the incredible power of evidence-based advocacy. And today, as vaccination rates soar and preventable diseases decline, I feel a different kind of fulfillment. It's a reminder that healing can go beyond the bedside.


The precision of surgery always fascinated me. But as a young Black nurse in Toronto, dealing with subtle biases and limited opportunities within the OR was disheartening. So, I decided to pave my path. With careful planning and unwavering determination, I started a home healthcare agency focused on serving my community's needs. Today, I empower other BIPOC nurses, provide culturally sensitive care, and create flexible, fulfilling careers, showing that success can be defined on our terms.

Yamuna D

As a recent nursing graduate, I was super eager to kickstart my career in Canada. But man, the job market was tough! I sent out so many applications and went to countless interviews, but it was a struggle to get hired. I have to admit it was discouraging and made me question my passion for nursing. But I wasn't going to give up that easily! I kept volunteering, gaining valuable experience, and expanding my professional network. And finally, all that persistence paid off when I found out about Dynamic Health Staff and got offered a position at a long-term care facility. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Canadian healthcare system. The journey was totally worth it!

Zamrun Begam

Transitioning from a different career to nursing in Canada was a daunting but fulfilling journey. Despite lacking a traditional nursing background, I was determined to pursue my passion for healthcare. I enrolled in bridging programs and obtained additional certifications to enhance my qualifications. The process was challenging, with moments of uncertainty and self-doubt. However, my determination never wavered. Through perseverance and dedication, I eventually secured a position at a rehabilitation center. The opportunity to utilize my skills and make a meaningful impact on patient's lives filled me with a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my new career path.



Frequently Answered Questions

Dynamic Health Staff is a healthcare recruitment agency specializing in connecting healthcare professionals, including nurses, with job opportunities worldwide, including Canada. We work closely with healthcare facilities across the country to match qualified candidates with suitable nursing positions.

Dynamic Health Staff offers a wide range of nursing job opportunities in Canada, including positions in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and more. You can find jobs for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and other nursing specialties.

Yes, you generally need a Canadian nursing license to work as a nurse in Canada. Dynamic Health Staff can assist you in the licensure and credentialing process to ensure you meet the requirements to work in your chosen province or territory.

The specific qualifications and experience required can vary depending on the position and location. Typically, you will need a nursing degree, relevant certifications, and a certain amount of clinical experience. You will receive guidance from our experts regarding the prerequisites for every job opening.

To apply for nursing jobs in Canada through Dynamic Health Staff, you will need to submit your resume via email. After reviewing your credentials, our recruitment team will match you with positions that fit your qualifications. You may also need to attend interviews and provide references as part of the application process.

Dynamic Health Staff offers support throughout the relocation process. This includes assistance with visa and work permit applications, finding suitable accommodation, and guidance on adapting to the Canadian healthcare system and culture.

Benefits can vary depending on the specific position and employer. Typically, nursing jobs in Canada offer competitive salaries, healthcare benefits, pension plans, and opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Our services are provided to candidates at no cost. Dynamic Health Staff earns its revenue through agreements with healthcare facilities. However, there may be fees associated with credentialing and licensing, which would be communicated to you in advance.

Depending on the particular position, the candidate's circumstances, and the location, the timeline may change. On average, the process can take several months, including the time required for licensing. Dynamic Health Staff will provide you with an estimated timeline for your particular situation.


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