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Nursing Jobs in Dubai

Dynamic Health Staff is known for providing top nursing jobs in Dubai. Also, we guide all through the entire recruitment process. Contact us to acquire the best nursing jobs.

What Are The Benefits Of Acquiring Nursing Jobs In Dubai?

There are many benefits of getting a job in Dubai. So, if you want a nursing job in Dubai then you can reap the following benefits-

  • Patients in Dubai follow strict rules set by the Dubai Health Authority. And, they have to show consideration for every staff member with respect. So, this makes a healthcare provider’s life much easier.
  • The salary of nurses in Dubai is quite good and high as compared to cities around the world.
  • Moreover, if you will be working as a full-time nurse then you will not be charged income tax.
  • If you work as a nurse in Dubai, you may get a housing allowance or free housing as per your needs.

The turnover of nursing staff is quite high in Dubai. So, if you are hardworking and committed to your nursing career then you can secure higher positions in the future.

How To Apply For Dubai Nursing Jobs?

Presently, there is an increase in the demand for healthcare and nursing staff. For obtaining Dubai nursing jobs, you need to register with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). It is the controlling agency for health professionals in the health industry. Besides, the following are the steps to apply in Dubai-

  • Firstly, you should make your documents ready.
  • Then, create an account on the DHA and complete the application process.
  • After the primary source verification, you will have to write the Dubai Prometric exam.
  • If you pass this exam you will receive your eligibility letter which is valid for one year. And, then you can proceed with the further processes.

Dynamic Health Staff assists you in all the steps and helps you to attain your nursing job easily.

What All Is Needed To Be Eligible For Nursing Vacancy In Dubai?

To get a nursing vacancy in Dubai, you should be eligible as per the norms of DHA. Also, you should possess a proper qualification and license from your home country. Here are some eligibility criteria for working as a nurse in Dubai-

  • You need to complete a nursing or midwifery program with a minimum of 3 years training period.
  • Also, you must hold a basic life support certificate.
  • Plus, you must gain a minimum of 2 years post-registration experience.

However, Dynamic Health Staff helps you get a reputable nursing vacancy. And, we are there to help you right from the paperwork to the final interview process.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff For Nursing Vacancies In Dubai?

Dynamic Health Staff has widened its horizons over years of offering nursing jobs to young and talented healthcare professionals. So, we provide reputable nursing vacancies in Dubai. And, assist you all through the screening, documentation, and interview process. We make sure that you get your dream nursing job easily. Our team helps to make the entire process smooth. Thus, you will not face any issues. Also, we have a well-managed working process. Hence, we take care of every small detail right from your paperwork. Contact us for the best advice and nursing vacancies without any hassles.

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I am very pleased with the services at Dynamic Health Staff. They really made my dream come true to get a nursing job in Dubai. And the entire team helped me throughout the process. Also, with their assistance, I didn’t face any issues at any step. The experts helped me to clear the interview process. And I was able to find the best nursing vacancies in Dubai. I am working as a reputed nurse in a top Dubai hospital. And I am very thankful to the Dynamic health Staff for helping me and making my path toward success easier.

- Sabitha

It’s been two years; I am working as a nurse in Dubai. And I can’t thank Dynamic Health Staff enough for making this possible for me. The team helped me right from the paperwork to the final interview process. Also, they offered the best nursing jobs options with high-paid salaries. I am very content with my current job. Also, I am getting many other options here to grow my career as a nurse. I highly recommend the Dynamic Health Staff agency to everyone who is looking for top nursing jobs in Dubai.

- Sandra Cicily

I had a keen interest in nursing jobs and wanted to settle in Dubai. Then, I came across Dynamic Health Staff and they assisted me throughout the selection process. In addition, they helped me a lot with the selection process for examinations and interviews. I feel very grateful to Dynamic Health Staff as they not only guided me for getting selected for a nursing job in Dubai but also supported me throughout the process. They helped me with documentation work as well which would be quite troublesome if anyone try to do it on their own.

- Sathiya

Getting your dream nursing job with a decent package in Dubai is not an easy task. But with my personal experience, I can ensure that you can rely on Dynamic Health Staff for the entire selection process. It’s been more than 2 years that I have been working as a nurse in Dubai. And I would like to give credit to Dynamic Health Staff for helping me throughout the selection process and for hustle-free documentation work. They have helped me in the interview process. Also, they took care of every small detail to avoid any trouble in the future.

- Sathya Ekambram

I would like to pay my gratitude to Dynamic Health Staff for getting offers for a nursing job in Dubai with a decent pay scale. They helped me throughout the selection process as well as documentation work to make my journey smoother. The selection process, interview process, and documentation work take a lot of effort and a little mistake may decline the offer. So, I approached Dynamic Health Staff and they did not let me down. And I am really thankful to them as they guided me in the selection criteria, screening along with the interview process.

- Shaiby

Frequently Answered Questions

It is necessary to apply for DHA to get a job in Dubai as a healthcare professional. So Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is an organization that oversees the health system of Dubai and the UAE. And you can apply for DHA online. However, it is quite a simple but lengthy process. You can approach our nurse staffing agency for the best support throughout the job application process and be stress-free.

After receiving all the necessary documents, DHA may process your application within 60-90 days. However, the entire process can take around 3-6 months for the documents to be ready and the DHA eligibility letter.

  • Firstly, you must prepare your documents and complete the application process correctly.
  • You must complete the 3-year training in nursing or midwifery program.
  • It is necessary to have a basic life support certificate.
  • You should have a minimum of two years of experience before registration.
  • Also, you will need to write the Dubai Prometric exam. After passing this exam, you will receive your eligibility letter and go ahead with the other process./li>

You must meet their terms and conditions to get a nurse job in Dubai. Also, qualifying for the Prometric exam is necessary, and a final interview is essential. Dynamic Health Staff helps you at every step to help you prepare and excel in your exam and interview.

It is nearly impossible to acquire a Dubai nursing job without experience. Also, they will hire you only if you own a DHA, HAAD or MOH license. And for the same, you need to have a minimum of two years of experience as a nurse.

Yes. With Dynamic Health Staff, you need not worry about such things. We understand your needs. And we bring you the best nursing job vacancies in Dubai as per your eligibility.

A bachelor's degree in nursing is a criterion for getting a job in Dubai. But, you must hold a valid license and a minimum of two years of clinical experience after graduation. So, if you qualify for all the terms and conditions, you can quickly get the nurse job following the process. To know more about the Dubai nurse jobs, you can contact Dynamic Health Staff.

Indeed. There are some elite nursing jobs in the top Dubai hospitals for Indian nurses. So, if you qualify as per the norms of DHA, then you can quickly get your dream nursing job.

Dubai offers the best opportunity to nurses to excel in their nursing careers. Also, there is a professional and comfortable environment. Hospitals in Dubai provide a decent salary to nurses. And you can get many other benefits while working as a health worker in Dubai.


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