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Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia, you must be well versed with all the rules and regulations of working in the country. The demand for nursing staff is high in Saudi Arabia, so it's the right place for talented, young and eligible aspirants.

Working in Saudi Arabia is a dream of many, and the country has a huge scope for nursing professionals. Here you can find the right path to fulfill your career dreams. If you are eligible to get a nursing job in Saudi Arabia, you must contact a professional firm that can guide you about the procedures to get a job in the country. Saudi Arabia is a rich country that offers good remuneration and other facilities to the professionals working here. Let’s know more about working in Saudi Arabia and the process to apply for a nursing job there.

Nursing Vacancy in Saudi Arabia

The demand for a well-trained nursing staff has increased in recent times. Indian nursing staff is already popular in countries like Saudi Arabia. Though healthcare professionals are in demand overseas, getting to know about available opportunities and grabbing one is not that easy. The aspirants need experienced recruiters who can guide the novice and experienced healthcare staff to get an exciting job overseas.

If we talk about the opportunities available for the healthcare staff in Saudi Arabia, then demand is bigger than supply. So opportunities are always present, but the overseas job seekers don’t get to know about them. An overseas recruitment company knows all the procedures to apply for the job and helps the aspirants get one.

If you are in search of nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia, then first you will have to search for an experienced recruitment firm that knows everything about overseas recruitment in Saudi Arabia. A trusted name that follows high standard professionalism can guarantee you a job in other countries. It’s better to gather all the information about the recruitment firm before approaching it.

Why Are Nursing Jobs In Saudi Arabia In Demand?

The biggest reason that attracts Indians to work in Saudi Arabia is the large Indian community in this foreign country. Indians are the largest community of expatriates in Saudi Arabia that give a homeland kind of feel to new professionals here. The process to get nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia is easy and transparent. The Saudi ministry may hire nursing professionals. The private hospitals willing to hire Indian nursing staff have to follow a proper procedure too.

Working in a foreign land is always difficult, but Saudi Arabia offers all the facilities that a healthcare professional deserves. So it’s one of the most preferred countries for them to work. Saudi Arabian healthcare industry is also keen to take professionals from India. Overall the demand for healthcare professionals is high here, so they get good remuneration also. Saudi Arabia offers 10-20% higher salaries than the western countries to healthcare professionals. You get yearly bonus, overtime bonus, free flights and a few other facilities apart from the salary.

How to Apply For Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich company that offers good salary and other perks to the professionals working here. The Saudi Arabia government has made an easier and transparent process to get a job here. A right and recruitment agency can guide professional job seekers about all the required documents to apply for a job.

So once you are done with the discussion with your family and friends and finally made your mind to apply for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia, you would like to know its process. So, here we have compiled the procedure to apply for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia. If you are a healthcare professional and want to pursue your career in a foreign country, you must know that you need an overseas nursing license & work visa. It takes 4 to 6 months to complete the entire process to apply for a nursing job in a western country or middle-east. To apply for the nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia, the aspirants will have to take the four steps:

  • Verification: First of all, your qualification will be verified by a company hired by SCFHS. Dataflow is the document verification process. The job seeker will have to submit scanned copies of their educational records and other documents for the verification process in dataflow. The verification process takes approx. 4-6 weeks.
  • Mumaris Plus: After verification, the healthcare professional will have to upload all the documents to the Mumaris Plus so that SCFHS can verify that you are eligible to be a registered nurse in Saudi Arabia.
  • Prometric Exam: To get the nursing job in Saudi Arabia, you will have to take this exam. Your recruitment agency will guide you in detail about the exam. Dynamic Health Staff has a good record of candidates who have passed the exam in the first attempt.
  • Professional Classification: On clearing the exam, you will get 'Professional Classification.' You will have to wait for 8 to 12 weeks to get your work visa permit. The classification and permit will allow you to travel to Saudi Arabia, where you will have to visit a hospital that can be your sponsor.

Benefits of Working in Saudi Arabia as Nurse

The demand for professional and qualified nurses is higher around the globe now than ever. Why should they choose Saudi Arabia for work? Various reasons make Saudi Arabia a better place to work and, here we have mentioned a few of them:

  • Money is one of the biggest motivating factors for the health care staff to choose this country for work. Saudi Arabia offers twice or thrice the salary a nurse could get in their home country. As a result, people from various countries have made Saudi Arabia their second home.
  • The tax-free income, monetary benefits, and perks other than salary help the professionals to save more than 50% of their income. Indeed, it makes the country one of the best places to work.
  • The country is improving its health care services, so the nurses have low work pressure. As a result, the country has become a favorite workplace for nurses.
  • The opportunities for nurses are endless in the country. They get on-time promotions and salary hikes. So it's a great place to work as a nurse.
Challenges You May Face In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Arabic country, so you will have to follow local rules and regulations when you start working here. You will work as a healthcare professional, so you must know the local language, Arabic. It will help you to communicate with local people, and your life will become easier. Here you will have to take some extra precautions not to violate any religious customs and local tradition. The hot summer of Saudi Arabia is another challenge you will have to face.

The Last Word

So, we hope you have understood the basics of how to get a nursing job in Saudi Arabia. We, at Dynamic Heath Staff, are always happy to help you out wherever you get stuck in the process. Give us a call or email us with your query and you can also visit our Jobs section on the website to apply for the jobs that you are eligible for.

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Frequently Answered Questions

To work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia, you must have a valid nursing license from your home country and at least two years of work experience. Additionally, you will need to pass an exam conducted by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) to obtain a nursing practice license in the country. This exam covers topics such as nursing theory, clinical skills, and ethics.

Other necessary qualifications may include having a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Nursing, being proficient in English language skills, and passing a medical fitness test. It is essential to note that each hospital or healthcare facility in Saudi Arabia may have specific requirements for employing foreign nurses.

The average salary for nurses in Saudi Arabia is around 8,000 - 12,000 SAR per month, depending on their qualifications and experience level. Nurses with specialized skills or advanced degrees may earn higher salaries. Additionally, many hospitals offer attractive benefits such as housing allowance, health insurance, and annual bonuses.

Saudi Arabia nursing recruitment agencies can provide you with all this information.

Safety is a top priority for the Saudi Arabian government and healthcare system. As an expatriate nurse working in the country, you will be provided with a secure living environment, and strict rules will be enforced to ensure safety within hospitals.

Moreover, many nursing recruitment agencies like Dynamic Health Staff thoroughly vet potential employers to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for foreign nurses.

The work culture in Saudi Arabian hospitals is highly professional and follows strict regulations. Nurses are expected to adhere to high standards of patient care and maintain a respectful attitude toward their colleagues and superiors.

The healthcare system in Saudi Arabia also values teamwork, so nurses can expect to work closely with other healthcare professionals such as doctors and therapists. Additionally, due to the diverse population of patients in the country, you may have the opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Saudi Arabia nursing recruitment agencies will help you get the best job.

Nurses typically work 40-48 hours per week in Saudi Arabia, which may include day, evening, or night shifts. However, during the holy month of Ramadan, working hours are reduced to six hours per day. Overtime may be required in some cases, and nurses will be compensated accordingly.

In Saudi Arabia, the standard work week is from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being designated as the weekend. However, in healthcare settings, nurses may still be required to work on weekends and public holidays.

Nurses in Saudi Arabia also have the option of working part-time or on a rotational basis, depending on their employer's policies and needs. Some hospitals and clinics may offer 12-hour shifts instead of the traditional 8-hour shifts.

Additionally, nurses who work in critical care units or emergency departments may have irregular working hours due to the nature of their roles. They may be required to work longer shifts or be on call for emergencies.

Yes, you can bring your family with you to Saudi Arabia as long as you have a valid work visa and sponsorship from your employer. It is important to note that women over the age of 18 will need a male guardian (mahram) to accompany them in the country. Your recruitment agency or employer can assist you in obtaining visas for your family members.

The dress code for nurses in Saudi Arabia follows Islamic tradition and culture. Female nurses are required to wear an abaya (a loose-fitting, full-length robe) and a hijab (headscarf) while working. Male nurses are expected to dress modestly in long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Nurses are employed throughout Saudi Arabia, but some of the major cities include Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, and Medina. These cities have well-established healthcare facilities with a high demand for foreign nurses due to their growing population and increasing medical tourism.

It is crucial to ensure that job offers from Saudi Arabian hospitals or recruitment agencies are legitimate before accepting them. One way to verify this is by checking if the hospital or agency is registered with the Saudi Ministry of Health. Additionally, you can contact the embassy in your home country Saudi Arabia for further verification.

Dynamic Health Staff, a reputable Saudi Arabia nursing recruitment agencies, only works with recognized and licensed hospitals in Saudi Arabia to ensure job offers are legitimate and safe for foreign nurses.

To renew your nursing license in Saudi Arabia, you will need to submit an application through the SCHS website and pay a renewal fee. You must also provide proof of continuing education or training to maintain your licensing. Dynamic Health Staff can assist you in this process and keep track of renewal dates on your behalf.

Overall, working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia can be a rewarding experience with excellent career opportunities and benefits. With the right qualifications and guidance from a reputable recruitment agency, you can embark on an exciting journey to work in one of the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the world. So if you're interested in taking your nursing career to new heights, consider exploring job opportunities in Saudi Arabia today!


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