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OET Online Classes

What is the OET course all about?

The Occupational English Test is essential to qualify for getting jobs overseas. It is a test for healthcare professionals to check their language skills. Hence, if you wish to apply for nurse jobs in English-speaking countries, then clearing OET is crucial. And the purpose of this test is to assess your language skills. By taking the OET exam, nurses can easily fit into a foreign working environment. Plus, it will give them the confidence to handle patients easily and coordinate with their colleagues.

Besides, OET is the best option for those opting for nursing jobs overseas. It has a higher level of relevance than other English-language exams. And you can contact Dynamic Health Staff for more details and assistance about OET and its preparations.

Which modules are covered in OET?

The OET test tests healthcare professionals' language and communication skills. And the candidates should clear this exam with at least the minimum qualifying score. It includes different parts/modules to examine English proficiency. So, OET is divided into four modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Following is the OET exam test pattern:

  • The listening part is of 50 minutes. It tests the ability of the applicants to understand spoken language skills.

  • In the writing part, you will have 45 minutes. They check your content quality, style, language, layout, and clarity here. However, this part is a bit tough and requires some practice before the exam.

  • The reading part would be of 60 minutes. And this module contains three different parts. So, you will get specific topics of a certain number of words in every part.

  • For the speaking section, you will get 20 minutes. And this section, you will get role-playing exercises to test your communication skills.

Dynamic Health Staff provides complete guidance for OET exams. Hence, you can quickly contact us to learn tips for your OET.

How is OET different from any other language test?

OET and other English-language exams like IELTS are to assess your language skills. But there are some differences between them. So, the general or academic exams test your academic and everyday language skills. On the other hand, OET focuses explicitly on testing the communication skills of healthcare professionals. And it involves real healthcare scenarios to test the English-language skills of the candidates. So, OET has tests for various professions, including medical and nursing.

OET is the first choice for nurse job aspirants. It is one of the most credible exams for those seeking nursing or medical jobs overseas. So, OET more precisely checks your medical English. And there are different versions for different healthcare professionals. Also, the marking or grading system of OET is different from other language exams. However, OET is recognized by the healthcare supervisory in various countries like the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Ukraine, etc.

What is the minimum grade to qualify OET exam?

OET results are accepted in almost every country. But you need to pass the exam with at least a minimum qualifying score. There are specific grade points for nursing aspirants to qualify for the OET test. So, it would be best if you scored given marks or grades in every module of this exam, i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

The applicant should score at least 350 (grade B) in every section. There are specific grades for the marks you score in this exam. So, every letter grade is mapped with the score range in each part. OET grades are decided on a scale of 0-500 and mapped with grades ranging from A to E. And these grades determine your English-language skill.

 OET Score

 OET Grades













Are online OET classes beneficial?

OET exams are the best for medical professionals. It builds your confidence to work in English-speaking countries. And you can learn the language skills needed in the healthcare field. OET is one of the primary criteria to enter the healthcare sector overseas. Also, not only passing but passing with a good score also matters. Hence, you may need guidance to score the highest in your OET exam. And for the same, online OET classes are very beneficial. Some reasons why you need to opt for OET online classes-

  • An online class for OET preps saves a lot of your time. It lets you study at your own pace from the comfort of your space.

  • Also, you have flexible timing for the classes.

  • You can get various study materials and practice tests that are very useful.

  • Some experts evaluate your performance and guide you to clear your exam quickly. Also, it improves your overall language skills.

Dynamic Health Staff offers the best online training program for OET aspirants. Thus, you can contact us and enroll in our online OET classes and gain the best from us.

Where to rely on for the best OET online classes?


Dynamic Health Staff is a leading and reputed staffing agency. Also, we offer the best platform to prepare for the OET exams. Our experts guide you at every step. And we provide helpful practice sheets, study material, and resources to make it simpler for you to qualify for OET. We have trained experts who have vast experience in this field. Thus, they provide some of the best tips that can help in your final exams. Plus, their guidance will be more useful in your career and boost your English-language skills greatly.

Hence, you can rely on Dynamic Health Staff for the best OET online classes.

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Finding a legitimate institution for OET online classes was my first hurdle. After weeks of research and speaking with peers, I finally enrolled in a program renowned for its high success rates. The preparation was intense and challenging, balancing long hours at the hospital with studying. But, the comprehensive curriculum and support from dedicated instructors made it feasible. This journey taught me perseverance, and passing the OET was a triumphant moment that paved my way to working abroad. But getting a job abroad was a task. I again started doing my research and found out about Dynamic Health Staff. Thanks to them, I've gone from feeling uncertain about my future to start an exciting new chapter as a nurse in Ireland. They helped me get a desired job there, and I'm amazed at how much I've grown professionally and personally through working here in Ireland for the past 5 months.

- Anju

I always wanted to broaden my nursing experience by working abroad, and the UK seemed like the perfect place. Also, I always knew that my dream of working in the UK would require adapting to the UK's healthcare system, with its different protocols and patient care standards. I knew that it would be a challenging task for me. The OSCE exam to demonstrate clinical skills and OET before that was difficult but mandatory. But when I started researching, I found Dynamic, and I really want to thank Dynamic Health Staff for making my dream a reality. They helped me navigate the complex visa process and even found me a position in a prestigious NHS hospital. Also, the support from the UK nursing community and the chance to advance my career in a world-class healthcare environment were incredibly rewarding.

- Ann

As I embarked on my journey to work abroad as a nurse, the sea of online OET preparation courses overwhelmed me. My quest was not just to find any institution but one that was genuinely invested in my success. After diligent research and attending numerous trial classes, I found an online platform that stood out for its authenticity. The Dynamic Health Staff Academy. They were the one-stop solution for me. They provided me with coaching as well as recruitment support for my abroad journey. The educators were experienced nurses themselves, which added a layer of credibility and understanding that was unmatched. This journey wasn't easy, but it was worth every struggle, leading me to pass my OET and secure a nursing position overseas.

- Asha

Juggling my duties as a nurse with my aspirations to work abroad was a tightrope walk. Preparing for the OET while managing night shifts felt overwhelming. The struggle to find an OET online class that was flexible yet effective seemed endless. When I finally discovered a program that offered asynchronous learning options, it was all I needed. The classes were structured yet adaptable to my erratic schedule. This balance was crucial in my successful preparation for the OET, ultimately helping me achieve my goal of nursing overseas. Dynamic Academy provided the coaching, and it was all I wanted, that was also easy on my pocket. Their online classes, filled with rich resources and expert instructors, were crucial in my preparation. Now, I'm excited to start my new journey in New Zealand, a dream that seemed so far away before.

- Elby

The detailed preparation for the IELTS, CBT, and OSCE exams, along with the comprehensive documentation for the visa and NMC registration, was overwhelming. Dynamic Health Staff was key in facilitating my move to work in an ICU in the UK. Their professionalism and personalized support made the difficult process manageable and even exciting. The opportunities for professional development I've had here are unparalleled.

- Gisha

In the early stages of my journey, the abundance of misinformation about OET preparation and working abroad as a nurse was disheartening. Sifting through countless institutions claiming to offer the best OET online classes, I learned to look for accredited programs with proven track records. This process was tedious but crucial. I even failed to prepare for the exam on my own. I could sense that, anyhow, I needed a legitimate coaching class for proven success. Just then, I found Dynamic Health Staff's online classes. I realized that it has been transformative for my career. Their focus on not just passing the OET exam but on developing a deep understanding of the language and communication skills needed in international healthcare settings was exactly what I needed. I'm now working in Singapore, and I credit Dynamic Health Staff for helping me reach this milestone.

- Issac

Feeling isolated in my preparation for the OET and my broader aspirations, I struggled to find a sense of community. I went and tried a lot of coaching classes, but none were what I was actually looking for. I was struggling a lot to find a good academy with a proven track record. After doing the process for straight 3 months, I lost all hope. The turning point came when I joined an online class at Dynamic Health Staff that emphasized peer support and collaborative learning. This sense of community was empowering, transforming my journey into a shared experience. Thanks to DHS, I'm now working in Canada, and I couldn't be happier with where I am in my career.

- Jeeva

Coming from a region with limited access to high-quality internet, the thought of preparing for the OET that too online was difficult. Many institutions I found initially were not equipped to support students facing such challenges. After much searching, I found out about the Dynamic Health Staff coaching program that offered downloadable resources and support via lower-bandwidth methods. Overcoming this barrier was a significant step toward my goal.

- Minnu

The visa and registration process was just the beginning of my journey to the UK as a nurse, requiring a thorough preparation and understanding of both the professional and cultural expectations in the UK. This journey has been about more than just work; it's been an enriching life experience. Although I didn't face alot of hurdles during my journey, I still was quite confused about how I should find my desired job. As a midwife, working in the UK has always been my goal for professional growth. Dynamic Health Staff helped turn this dream into reality, guiding me through each step of the process. The transition to the UK healthcare system was an ongoing learning experience. From understanding the legal and ethical frameworks governing nursing in the UK to adapting to the practical aspects of patient care in a new setting, every day was a learning opportunity. Now, I am part of a team that delivers exceptional care to mothers and babies.

- Minu

After months of struggling with finding the right OET online course, balancing work, passing the OET and moving abroad was indescribably rewarding. The legitimate institution I found, after numerous trials and errors, provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to embark on this new chapter. However, I would like to mention that I was skeptical about online learning until I enrolled in Dynamic Health Staff's OET preparation course. The interactive sessions, detailed feedback, and supportive instructors made learning engaging and effective. I passed my OET exam on the first try and recently started my job in Australia. The journey was challenging, but it taught me resilience and the importance of rigorous preparation. Working abroad as a nurse has been an enriching experience, affirming that all the struggles were indeed worth it.

- Roshney


Frequently Asked Questions

OET Online Classes offer several advantages, including:

  • Flexible learning: Study at your own pace and schedule.
  • Expert guidance: Learn from qualified and experienced OET trainers.
  • Customised approach: Receive personalised feedback and tailored study plans.
  • Interactive sessions: Engage in live discussions, role-plays, and practice tests.
  • Access to resources: Get study materials and mock tests to boost preparation.

OET Online Classes are ideal for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and allied healthcare practitioners, who need to take the OET exam for their career or educational purposes.

To register for OET Online Classes, visit our website ( and look for the training section. Follow the instructions provided to complete the registration process. You can also contact us via email and IVR number mentioned on our website.

Yes, the OET Online Classes are live and interactive. They are conducted in real-time by experienced instructors who engage with students through virtual classrooms.

To attend OET Online Classes, you will need a computer or a compatible device like a mobile phone with a stable internet connection. A microphone is also recommended for interactive sessions.

Yes, most OET Online Classes offer the option to access recorded sessions. If you miss a live class, you can often review the content by accessing the recorded videos.

The duration of each OET Online Class can range from 1 to 2 hours.

OET Online Classes can significantly improve your language skills and test preparation, increasing your chances of success in the OET exam. We have more than 80 percent of success in every batch.

Yes, many OET Online Classes include practice tests and mock exams to help you gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Some OET Online Class providers offer additional support, such as one-on-one consultations with instructors or access to online forums where you can interact with other students and ask questions.

OET Online Classes are specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals, focusing on industry-specific language and scenarios that are relevant to medical settings. The course content is designed to prepare students for the challenges they may encounter in the healthcare field.

The OET Online Class instructors are highly qualified and experienced language trainers, often with a background in healthcare or linguistics. They have a deep understanding of the OET exam format and can provide valuable insights and guidance to students.

Yes, OET Online Classes typically offer personalised feedback on students' performance in various exercises, simulations, and practice tests. This feedback helps students understand their strengths and areas that need improvement.

OET Online Classes can follow both approaches. Some courses offer self-paced learning, allowing students to access pre-recorded lessons and materials at their convenience. Others may follow a structured curriculum with set schedules for live sessions.

Class sizes for OET Online Classes can vary depending on the institution or platform. Some classes may have smaller group sizes to facilitate more personalised attention, while others may accommodate larger groups.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can find suitable classes to enhance your skills.

Yes, OET Online Classes often come with supplementary resources, such as study materials, practice exercises, vocabulary lists, and sample test papers, to further support students' learning and preparation.

Yes, OET Online Classes usually offer opportunities for students to interact with each other through virtual discussions, group activities, and peer-to-peer feedback, creating a collaborative learning environment.

Yes, OET Online Classes typically cover all four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Emphasis is given to the unique requirements of the OET exam, especially in the speaking and writing modules.

Yes, we offer trial or demo classes to give potential students an insight into their teaching methods and course content. This allows you to assess whether the class aligns with your learning goals before making a commitment.

Yes, we offer guidance and assistance in booking the OET exam, helping students navigate the registration process and ensure they are well-prepared for the test day.


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