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Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai

Are you facing any issues with your current nursing job? Is your schedule getting hectic? Aren’t you paid properly? Want to lend your services in a foreign land?

Dubai is the best solution. The city is a booming metropolis where skilled and hard working nurses can thrive in high demand. The city's expansion has created space for health care experts to come in and significantly impact this dynamic new work environment.

The demand for additional nurses is becoming more prevalent with the rise of the population and their need for a good health care structure.

Introduction to a Staff Nurse Vacancy In Dubai

Are you facing any issues with your current nursing job? Is your schedule getting hectic? Aren’t you paid properly? Want to lend your services in a foreign land?

Dubai is the best solution. The city is a booming metropolis where skilled and hard working nurses can thrive in high demand. The city's expansion has created space for health care experts to come in and significantly impact this dynamic new work environment.

The demand for additional nurses is becoming more prevalent with the rise of the population and their need for a good health care structure.

Pay-out of Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai?

Dubai offers a decent salary to all health workers. A nurse's typical income in Dubai is reported to be somewhere around 2,500 and 10,000 USD. Further, a Staff Nurse makes about 16,400 AED per month. The lowest salary is estimated at around 8,210 AED, while the highest is 25,500 AED.

Furthermore, many nurse positions in Dubai come with a slew of perks, including insurance, a stipend for housing, and reimbursement for travel expenses.

In Dubai, a nurse's starting wage is determined by these conditions:

  • Qualifications
  • Position
  • Whether the facility is privately or publicly funded.

Salary varies depending on experience, capabilities, gender, and location.

What Documents Does One Need To Apply For A Staff Nurse vacancy in Dubai?

Anyone who aspires to apply for a Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai must have the following documents required for the registration and visa.

Here is the list of necessary documents you need for online registration:

  • An up to date passport (minimum validity of 6 months)
  • Marksheets from 10th and 12th grades
  • Diplomas in nursing or midwifery, and a registration certificate
  • Transcripts of education for any practical nursing or midwifery programs that the candidate has completed.
  • Referrals from their previous employers attesting to their healthy living and morals.
  • Documents of registration from each area in which the applicant has practiced.

If you are a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing applicant, then do additionally provide the scanned copy of the following documents at the time of your registration.

  • Diploma Certificate
  • General Nursing and Midwifery Transcripts
  • General Nursing and Midwifery Mark Lists
  • General Nursing and Midwifery Registration Certificate

Is DHA License mandatory for Staff Nurse Vacancy In Dubai?

To work in Dubai, healthcare practitioners must first get a DHA license. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issues this healthcare practice. To get a DHA license, medical practitioners must apply for one and complete the required competence exams.

To apply for a DHA license, there are certain pre-requisite conditions that one must follow:

  • Have fulfilled a minimum of 3-years of practice.
  • A minimum of a Basic Life Support Certificate
  • Have at least two years of post-registration experience

Once you have a hold on the above 3-conditions, you can register online for the exam.

STEP 1: Keep all the documents handy

The first important step is to make a scanned copy of the above-listed documents handy. This will indeed help you to complete the registration process.

STEP 2: Register with the DHA

Create an account on the DHA E-service platform. Make sure that you're applying via the official forum, i.e., Now fill the application form and upload the scanned copy of the necessary documents.

STEP 3: Application and Processing Fees

Download the authorization letter, sign it, and re-upload it with your information and date. When you reach the payment area, you must pay an application cost of 210 AED. Then wait six weeks for your qualifications to be evaluated. After that, you'll get an email to confirm your registration.

STEP 4: Verification of Primary Sources

After you've been validated, you'll have to pay for Primary Source Verification, which involves DHA confirming your educational credentials, experience certificate, and professional license. An email with a link to pay 724AED (about 13,000 INR) for primary source verification will be issued to you.

STEP 5: Take the Dubai Prometric test

You will need to take the Dubai Prometric exam, which costs 260AED, as a next step.

The Dubai Prometric test is a two-hour multiple-choice exam with only one answer. It includes 70 questions, and you must score at least 60% to pass (42 questions ). Within five working days, the results are available.

STEP 6: Letter Of Eligibility

You'll receive an eligibility letter after completing the Prometric exam. Your eligibility letter is only valid for one year after you pass the exam.

Note that you only have three chances to pass this test. Otherwise, you have to submit proof of further studies for the fourth attempt.

The whole process may take 3-6 months.

How To Find A Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai?

Dynamic Health Staff can help you to find a suitable job for you. Our website job listing is specially designed to find job vacancies abroad. You can apply for Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai from there or contact us, and we will help you get your desired job and help you with the process from start to end.

Why Should You Apply For A Staff Nurse Vacancy In Dubai?

There are several perks that Dubai offers to attract qualified professionals. If you are one of them, then Dubai can provide you with a beautiful life. Here are some of the perks.

  • Allowance for travel (free flight to your country)
  • Relocation allowance.
  • Dental, health, and life insurance are available.
  • Full-time nurses are entitled to 40 days of paid leave.
  • Income that is not subject to taxes

However, most jobs in this city require you to work 48 hours per week instead of 40 hours in most other parts of the world.


Therefore, applying for a Staff Nurse Vacancy in Dubai is one of a nurse's best things if experienced or hardworking.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff?

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Frequently Answered Questions

Firstly, you need to apply for a nursing license. Also, it would help if you held a proper nursing qualification as per DHA. And, it is necessary to pass the nursing exam to start your job in Dubai. You should be aware of the entire process and details well. Hence, you can contact our staffing agency to get the best staff nurse jobs in Dubai.

To get a staff nursing job in Dubai, you should have a working experience of at least two years. Also, you will have to apply for a DHA license and clear the Prometric exam. Besides, it is better to get the support of our recruitment agency to simplify the process of securing a nursing job in Dubai.

It is entirely worthwhile applying for Dubai staff nurse jobs. And Dubai has many opportunities and the best nursing jobs. Thus, you can get various perks helping you to live a beautiful life. Plus, you can earn a high income that is not subject to taxes.

You can have a tremendous nursing career in Dubai. But, it is essential to find a reliable job suiting your needs and income. Thus, the best way is to reach out to our agency to find the most suitable staff nurse job for you.

Dubai has a massive demand for skilled and hardworking nurses. And, we help you in acquiring nursing jobs in the top hospitals out there. Thus, we have drafted special job offers. And you can contact us to know about the best Dubai staff nurse vacancy or apply from our site directly.

It is almost impossible to get a nursing job in Dubai without experience. Also, they only appoint you if you own a DHA license. Hence, you should have a working knowledge of two years to get the permit. And, it can help you get better pay there.

Having a DHA license, you can get the nursing job on a contract basis. So, you will have to sign an agreement of two years which can get renewed every two years further. It can be a limited or unlimited contract. Hence, there are no temporary nursing jobs available in Dubai.

You can expect tremendous growth in your nursing career. Also, there is high demand for professional and qualified staff nurses. Your hard work can lead you to the top positions and let you make a decent income.

Dynamic Health Staff backs you at every step in rightly achieving your dream nursing job. Also, we have some of the best nursing jobs per your needs and eligibility. Thus, contact us today to quickly grab the top nursing jobs in Dubai.


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