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Staff Nurse Vacancy in Singapore

Singapore Staff Nurse Vacancy

As staff nurses work in hospitals and long-term care facilities, they have various duties and responsibilities. In Singapore, the demand for staff nurses is constantly increasing along with the flourishing economy. If you are competent and fulfill the requirements for being a staff nurse, carrying out all the assessments of patients and administering care and medications. Go ahead and feel free to apply for this amazing opportunity in Singapore.

Duties of a Staff Nurse

Being a staff nurse, you are obliged to play the important role of looking after patients in hospitals, medical complexes, and healthcare centers. To work in Singapore, you must have to be responsible for the following roles;

● Keep staying in the hospital wards
● Complete provide care and treatment to the patients
● Maintain patients' medical reports and other histories
● Assess and administer care and medications
● Performing basic nursing tasks, i.e., bandages or injections
● Observe and record the general health condition of patients
● Identify and analyze the signs & symptoms of illness or distress
● Accurately diagnose the disease and take imperative recovery steps
● Creating & evaluating individualized care & discharge plans for patients
● Coordinating with clinicians, physicians, and health professionals
● Assisting doctors and surgeons during invasive and non-invasive interventions
● Providing a safe and hygienic working environment in compliance with healthcare procedures
● Expertly address the emotional and psychological needs of patients and their families
● Overall create a harmonious atmosphere

If you are good to perform all of these duties efficiently, there is more chance to grow in your nursing career.

Salary Range of a Staff Nurse in Singapore

The salary range varies according to practical experience as well as the current holding degree or certificate. No doubt, a degree holder has more efficient knowledge than a certificate holder. But there is no alter to the years of experience. So, all things matter a lot. 

Generally, the average salary of a registered staff nurse in Singapore is up to S$3000. However, the figure varies from S$2000+ to S$4000, from lower to higher respectively. So, if you are at the initial stage of your career and have not enough field expertise, you still have the potential to earn about S$2K.

Benefits Associated with Staff Nurse Job in Singapore

There are various benefits to working as a staff nurse in Singapore; successful candidates will get. Such as;

★ Handsome salary package
★ Lower crime rate
★ Easy and simple residency permit
★ Hourly basic rate for overtime work
★ Salary bonuses
★ Shift allowances
★ Performance bonuses
★ High earning potential
★ Flexible schedules
★ Diversified opportunities
★ Health & life insurance
★ Paid vacations & holidays
★ Retirement benefits
★ Reimbursement of certification fees
★ And much more

Having such amazing advantages make nursing a more lucrative and potential career that seems a high growth in Singapore.

How to Apply

The application procedure for Staff Nurse Vacancy in Singapore is as simple as applying for any foreign diploma or certificate. Just follow the given instructions;

➢ Go to the Dynamic Health Staff website and choose the said job

➢ Hit the ‘Apply’ button and reach the online application form

➢ Enter your personal info in the required fields

➢ Make sure you have entered the active email

➢ Make sure you have an attractive resume tucked into your profession

➢ Choose the option whether you’ve cleared English proficiency tests or not

➢ Thoroughly read and understand all the terms and conditions and mark to okay

➢ Revise the whole application form (no field should leave empty)

➢ After finalizing the form, click on the ‘Submit’ button

If there is no any error, you will receive a confirmation email from the site. As a number of candidates apply for this role, so it will take a little bit more time to finalize the application for the selected candidate. So, keep patience!

After applying for the said job, the selected candidates (on the base of admission applications) are gone through the interview session. Through this, the most relevant and suitable candidates will be shortlisted, who would fulfill the given eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for the said staff nurse vacancy in Singapore, you must have;

● Bachelor's degree in Nursing Science

● Diploma in General Nursing

● Diploma in Midwifery

● Diploma in Nursing completed Preferred-Dataflow

● Nurse with Prometric

● About 2-10 years of practical field experience

● Endorsement from an authorized body

● Good scores on the IELTS test

● Good scores on Occupational English Test (OET)

So, just fulfill the given criteria and apply yourself to boost your career as a staff nurse in Singapore.

Nursing License

Having a nursing license can make your future a staff nurse with great perspectives. You must have to know that experience is like an important elevator in all fields. But if you will have a certification in the relevant field, that will be just like the icing on the cake. In order to work in the health industry as a nurse, it’s inevitable to have a nursing license.

If you have not a license, you will prone to ineligible to work anywhere, especially in the public health sector. In order to avail of the given opportunity, you have to ensure you are a registered candidate and have a special certificate or degree in nursing sciences and midwifery.

Moreover, to be eligible for work in Singapore, you have to clear Singapore Nursing Board Exam (SNB). That’s conducted by the Singapore Nursing Council with the perspective to give approval for work in Singapore for foreigners.
So, if you are eager to start your nursing journey in Singapore and earn a livelihood more than enough, you’re obliged to clear the exam and get a registered nurse license from the SNB board. By the way, getting the SNB license opens the door to growing your career by migrating to other leading countries of the world; Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

How Can We Help

As Dynamic Health Staff is a popular health professional provider, based in India. We have provided a huge number of job vacancies for doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, and other healthcare professionals across the world. Our circle has spread over Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, the UK, and various other countries as well.

We are passionate to pave the way for nurse staff to grow manifolds in their career. Our application procedure is so simple that anyone can easily apply with no hassle. Then after screening and interviewing the candidates, we shortlist the most potential individuals for the relevant field. We provide proper guidance to the applicants while the whole procedure, documentation, and mobilizing their career at the international forum.

Whether you are a skilled person or have no industry experience, our training staff is efficient in providing training to the young and talented individuals at Dynamic Health Academy. As we know the prerequisites for each country to apply for the medical job, our trainers assist the candidates for applying as a staff nurse in Singapore, with IELTS and OET training. Moreover, we provide training for ET, Prometric, DHA, HAAD, Qatar Prometric, Oman Prometric, and Saudi Arabia Prometric.

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Moving from India to Singapore to pursue nursing was both a dream and a challenge for me. The transition involved navigating a complex visa process, understanding Singapore's healthcare system, and finding suitable accommodation. However, Dynamic Health Staff was my support throughout this journey. Their expertise in handling the documentation and visa procedures seamlessly and their assistance in job placement within a reputable healthcare institution in Singapore made the transition possible.

- Abdelrahman

Dynamic Health Staff facilitated this journey with their expertise and support, helping me secure a job that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. It's been more than 10 months I have been here in Singapore and thriving in my job role. Everything here is super good, and I am happy to receive continuous skill development training.

- Ancy

Relocating from India to Singapore for nursing was an adventure filled with challenges. The healthcare regulations and adapting to a new living environment were initially overwhelming. Dynamic Health Staff's expertise in international healthcare placements was a game-changer for me. They not only helped me secure a job but also supported me through my adaptation period, for which I'm grateful.

- Arina

When I thought of shifting to Singapore for my career, I knew that it was going to be difficult for me. Later on, I found Dynamic Health Staff by researching online. They were my constant support during the whole period of relocating to Singapore. The initial months were tough as I tried to find my footing in a new country. However, the team at DHS supported me even during that time. The support made the transition smoother helping me secure a nursing job that I always dreamt of.

- Aruna

Planning to shift to Singapore as a nurse from India was a dream come true for me. However, the journey was not without its challenges. The process of obtaining the necessary visas and work permits was daunting. I spent countless hours gathering documents, ensuring everything was perfectly in order for the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) registration. The biggest hurdle was passing the SNB's qualifying exams, which required a deep understanding of Singapore's healthcare protocols and standards. I started researching online for a legit recruitment agency and got to know about Dynamic Health Staff. From the initial application to securing my work permit, they were with me every step of the way. Their professionalism and genuine care for my career aspirations made all the difference. They helped me get a job matching my skill set. Singapore's healthcare system is quite rewarding, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I got here.

- Christina

The amount of paperwork for the visa and nursing registration was overwhelming. Verifying my Indian nursing qualifications, obtaining a good standing certificate from my home nursing council, and ensuring my English proficiency was up to the mark for the SNB—all this felt like an endless process. Dynamic Health Staff understood that and helped me find a position in Singapore that matched my skills and career goals. Working in Singapore has been an incredible learning experience, and I'm thankful for the seamless transition facilitated by Dynamic Health Staff.

- George

The visa process was the most nerve-wracking part of my journey to Singapore. The fear of any mistake in the application that could delay or jeopardize my job offer was constant. I had to check and double-check every document, and the waiting period for approval was filled with anxiety. Fortunately, with the help of a knowledgeable consultant, Dynamic Health Staff, I navigated through the process successfully. It was a test of patience, but ultimately, it was a valuable lesson in bureaucratic processes. Their team was always available to answer my questions and provide the necessary support. I've been able to advance my career in one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, thanks to their expertise.

- Rajini

Stuck between my career growth and my financial struggles, I chose my career. It was clear in my mind that I wanted to pursue my further career in Singapore, but I knew that the journey wouldn't be easy for me. I had a bit of a financial situation, and due to that, my family told me to rethink my decision. Just when I was looking for some external help, I found out about Dynamic Health Staff. Their services were all in all for me and helped me get a job that suited my experience, and it's been more than 8 months since I have been working in Singapore. Now, I am able to sustain myself as well as my family in India, and I am extremely happy about it.

- Reshma

The preparatory courses for the SNB exams were rigorous. Balancing those with my preparations for the move was challenging. I started searching online but wasn't able to find any good agency at all. Later on one of my friends recommended me to Dynamic Health Staff. When I approached them, I even found them legit, and with their help, I was able to pass my SNB successfully. The sense of accomplishment after passing the exams and receiving my registration was unparalleled. It marked the start of a new chapter in my professional life.

- Shrishti

One of the overlooked challenges of moving to Singapore was financial planning. The cost of living is significantly higher than in India, and managing finances, especially in the initial months, could have been a stressful experience. Securing accommodation within my budget to understand the taxation system required diligent planning and adjustment. I was very confused and started looking for some help online, and just then, I got to know about Dynamic Health Staff and their expertise helped me plan well and secure a good job in Singapore that can fulfill my financial requirements. The financial rewards and professional satisfaction of working in Singapore have made all the challenges worth tackling.

- Soumya


Frequently Answered Questions

Dynamic Health Staff is a recruitment agency specialising in healthcare staffing solutions, connecting healthcare professionals with job opportunities worldwide.

Dynamic Health Staff offers recruitment, placement, and staffing solutions for healthcare professionals looking to work in various healthcare settings globally.

No, Dynamic Health Staff operates internationally and assists healthcare professionals in finding job placements in different countries, including Singapore.

Dynamic Health Staff follows a rigorous screening and selection process to ensure that healthcare professionals are matched with suitable job opportunities that align with their qualifications and experience.

Yes, Dynamic Health Staff has been in the business for over 2 decades and has built a reputation of reliable and ethical healthcare staffing agency, connecting qualified professionals with reputable healthcare facilities.

To apply for the staff nurse vacancy in Singapore, you can visit the provided link ( and follow the application instructions provided on the website -

Eligibility criteria may vary based on the specific job requirements and healthcare facility. Generally, candidates need to have a valid nursing licence, relevant qualifications, and experience. Please refer to the eligibility criteria above for detailed understanding or contact us for more information.

Experience requirements can vary depending on the job posting. Some positions may require a certain number of years of nursing experience. We keep you informed via our newsletter and website. Please subscribe to our newsletter for the latest requirements.

The staff nurse vacancies may be available in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and more. We often have multiple vacancies in multiple countries.

Yes, Dynamic Health Staff assists both national and international candidates in finding suitable job placements, including staff nurse vacancies in Singapore. If you want to stay updated, fill in the query form or write to us.

Benefits can vary based on the employer, but typical benefits may include competitive salary packages, accommodation options, health insurance, and professional development opportunities, and relocation packages.

Yes, you can apply for multiple staff nurse vacancies through Dynamic Health Staff's platform if you meet the eligibility criteria for each position.

The recruitment process duration can vary based on factors such as the specific job, employer requirements, and the candidate's qualifications. Dynamic Health Staff strives to expedite the process as much as possible. The process includes specific steps including interview, selection, visa process, and more. We usually take care of the whole process for our candidates to fast forward the process.

Dynamic Health Staff offers support throughout the application and recruitment process, including assistance with documentation, interview preparation, and communication with potential employers.

Dynamic Health Staff works with a network of healthcare institutions in Singapore and various other countries to provide job opportunities for healthcare professionals.

In addition to staff nurses, Dynamic Health Staff may also recruit other healthcare professionals such as doctors, allied health professionals, medical technicians, and more.

Yes, Dynamic Health Staff often assists international candidates with the necessary documentation, including visa and work permit processing, to facilitate their employment in different countries.

No, we provide free recruitment. There may be some other fees and charges that can vary depending on other services provided, like OET training or visa fee etc. It's recommended to reach out to Dynamic Health Staff directly or refer to their website for information about any applicable fees.

Many healthcare facilities offer opportunities for career growth and advancement for staff nurses based on their performance and qualifications. You can personally do some courses to advance your career.

Yes, we cater to your specific locations. While preferences may be considered, actual job placements depend on the availability of positions and the candidate's qualifications. Dynamic Health Staff aims to match candidates with the most suitable opportunities.

Contract durations can vary, ranging from short-term assignments to longer-term contracts. The duration often depends on the specific job and healthcare facility.

Proficiency in English is one of the criterias to be able to work in healthcare settings in Singapore. Some facilities may also require knowledge of additional languages.

Dynamic Health Staff provide guidance and support during the relocation process, including information about housing, local regulations, and other practical matters.

Dynamic Health Staff aims to provide ongoing support to healthcare professionals placed in various roles. They can assist in resolving issues that may arise during the placement period.

Yes, in many cases, candidates can discuss contract extensions or explore other job opportunities through Dynamic Health Staff once their initial placement term is completed.

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