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Study Nursing in Canada

Thinking about study nursing in Canada? You are on the right track to having a successful career. It's the right time to pick up nursing as a profession, and Canada is the best place to pursue the course. Canada is one of the best countries in terms of quality of living and education standards. The country possesses one of the most advanced health care systems in the world. So it has become an ideal destination to study nursing.

Canada has a leading health care system, so it always requires nurses and other health care staff to maintain it. Nurses work as a backbone for health care infrastructure, so it’s important to have trained nurses on board. The aspiring students get quality education to study nursing in Canada. The country offers a promising career after completing the courses, so aspiring nurses don't need to worry much about their careers.

The Canadian universities give priority to local students as there is a high influx of admission applications. But international students, interested in studying nursing in Canada can also enroll in the country's leading nursing schools. Applicants with a high GPA can secure a seat in one of the country's leading schools. It's a must for the admission seekers to know the basic requirements to get one of the highly coveted spots in Canada's nursing school. Here, we will discuss everything that you want to know to study nursing in Canada.

Nurse Study in Canada

It's not easy to land in another country for solely study purposes. The students need to know all the basic requirements before sending their admission applications to the country's best schools. Most of the universities accept applications from only exceptionally intelligent students. If you are planning to study nursing in Canada, then you must read the article further to get proper guidance.

Available Nursing Courses in Canada

Students interested in studying nursing in Canada must know about the different courses related to their field. In Canada, the nurses are classified into the following three groups; Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nursing (RPN).

To be a Registered Nurse (RN) in Canada, the candidate must have completed a four-year bachelor's degree course at a Canadian institute. Therefore, courses like B.Sc Nursing and Bachelors of Nursing are ideal to be an RN. A 2 years course offered by the University of Toronto is an exception to this four years rule. But to qualify for this course, the aspirants must have completed ten credits at the university. After completing the course, the aspirants can specialize in being a Nurse Practitioner.

To be a Licensed Practical

Nurse aspirants need to complete only four semesters of nursing school. An LPN can handle patients without any complicated health issues. Registered Psychiatric Nursing (RPN) is the third group of nursing staff in Canada. It's a specialized nursing course, and only a few schools offer it in Canada. The RN programme is a preferred and standard nursing programme here. Most of the aspirants get admission in this one and then gradually enroll in further programmes.

Basic Requirements to Study Nursing in Canada

It is expected that admission seekers must have studied English and Mathematics at the high school level. The aspirant must prove his proficiency in English to study or work in Canada, and for this, it's a must to qualify IELTS or TOEFL test. The minimum IELTS score of the admission seeker must be 7 or 90 in TOEFL. The marks of these English proficiency tests may vary from one university to another.

For example, the University of Saskatchewan demands a 90 score in TOEFL and Dalhousie University offers admission only to those who have scored 6.5 or more in IELTS. So you need to check the requirements of your desired university before starting the procedure to apply for admission to Canada University to study nursing.

Search for a Right Nursing School

Students choose Canada to study nursing as it offers a secure career after studies. To search for the right nursing schools is an important and difficult step of studying abroad. In the case of Canada, it becomes slightly easy as the country has ten provinces. You will have to go through the regulations of each province to understand their regulations.

Canada is a country of mixed culture. Here you will find people from all the countries around the world. So choose one where you can feel more comfortable. Another thing you need to keep in mind while selecting a suitable nursing school is the weather condition of that area. Many parts of Canada have extreme weather conditions, so check it before applying to any school to study nursing in Canada.

The process to Prepare Your Application

A correct application with all the documents attached with it is the key that will help you to get admission to Canada nursing school. So many students apply to study nursing in Canada, and applications are always higher than the available seats. Therefore, it's vital to prepare a correct application to apply for admission to Canadian nursing school. A minor mistake can land your application in the rejected pile. So read your application twice before hitting the submit button.

In addition, you can participate in the webinars organized by different universities in Canada. The information sessions organized by the universities offer detailed information about all the required documents to apply for admission in nursing courses in Canada.

How to Apply to Study Nursing in Canada

To get admission to a reputed nursing school in Canada according to your preference, you must apply at the earliest. Your preparation for admission must start long before the announcements from the schools for inviting admission applications. It will save you from any last moment's blunder. Canadian schools generally start accepting admission applications before spring.

You will have to apply online through the colleges' website and pay the application fee online. On acceptance of the application, you will have to apply for a student's visa. You can take help from Dynamic Health Staff to get the student's visa on time to study nursing in Canada.

Apply for a Student Visa

A students' visa is a mandatory document to get admission to a Canadian university. Dynamic health staff will help you get one. To get the student visa, you must have the 'Letter of Acceptance' from the university where you will get admission. You can get the list of required documents from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website to apply for the visa. Or you can contact Dynamic Health Staff to take the responsibility to get you a student visa for Canada.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Indeed, it is one of the best career options. Also, a nursing study in Canada can be enriching. You can have job security and utmost respect at work. And studying in Canada offers you a better quality of life ahead.

Well, it depends on the type of program you choose. Typically, it may take around one to four years to complete the nursing course. So, if you opt for a nursing diploma, it may end in less than two years. You can get much better guidance about Canada's nursing study from our team at Dynamic Health Staff.

You will need to check the website of the nursing college or universities in Canada. If they offer any scholarship, you can apply for the same. But, the international nursing students may not get, or it can be pretty tough to get a scholarship.

The cost in Canada to study nursing bachelor's degree can range from 53,000 CAD to 170,000 CAD, i.e. INR 3,215,525 to INR 10,313,915. And the post-graduate program can cost around 32,000 CAD.

Some of the top nursing courses offered in Canada are Practical nursing, general nursing, critical care nursing, nursing assisting, pediatric nursing, nursing & midwifery, public health, psychiatric nursing, and much more.

It depends on the type of nursing program. And, not all of it has the exact requirement. Also, Canada offers various courses for non-medical students. So, you can directly opt for three years BSN program after high school. Thus, check the conditions before enrolling in any nursing course.

There is a massive demand for nurses in Canada. And completing your nursing study in Canada can be very fruitful. You can get a well-respected job with a good salary. Also, pursuing a nursing career in Canada will open up work opportunities for you globally.

If you seek nursing studies in Canada, then a student's visa is an essential document. But, it can be tiring to focus on various things. So, you can contact Dynamic Health Staff to get your student visa on time. We will help you right from visa application to the approval process. And, it can save you from annoying stresses.

Choosing nursing study in Canada is the best way to kick start your career in the healthcare sector. Also, Canadian colleges teach you about the significant link between technology and healthcare. You will get high-quality learning. And you will get easily eligible for many high-paying jobs in top-notch hospitals, clinics, or healthcare centres.

Absolutely, studying nursing in Canada will give you plenty of opportunities. You can not only get a good job but many options to excel in your nursing career. Also, nursing is a high-valued career in Canada. So, you can get a well-paid and reputed nurse job back there.

Yes, Canada accepts nursing applications from across the globe. Besides, you can contact Dynamic Health Staff if you have other queries regarding nursing studies in Canada. Our team will guide you all through the process at each step.

To get admission to a nursing undergraduate or diploma program, it is necessary to pass high school with English, Maths, Biology, and Chemistry. Also, you should be proficient in English. Thus, you must qualify for IELTS with at least seven or TOEFL with 90 marks. It is advisable to check the eligibility norms before applying to any university for a nursing course.

The cost may vary for the type of course. However, talking about the tuition fees for BSc Nursing Canada would cost roughly INR 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs. And for the nursing diploma course, it is 13 lakhs per year. Besides, the living cost in Canada is around INR 5 lakhs.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the best course in Canada. BSN offers you better career opportunities, and you can start your career as an RN (Registered Nurse). Other than this, BN, psychiatric nursing diploma, and enhanced nursing practice graduate certificates are some excellent nursing options.

The period of each course may vary. Usually, a nursing program in Canada takes one-four years to complete. However, some diploma courses like ANM Diploma are completed in 6 months to one year.

There are tons of nursing job vacancies in Canada. And after learning from Canadian nursing school, you can get the best job options. Besides, you may be required to qualify for a Canadian Registered Nurse Exam to apply for Canadian nursing jobs.

Yes. Also, a student visa is a mandatory document to study nursing in Canada. You need not worry about that. So, we will help you with all the documents, including the visa application process.

Dynamic Health Staff promotes young talents to excel in their career. So, we assist you at every step in getting admission to the best nursing college in Canada. Also, we guide you to prepare for the necessary exams, interviews, and application process. Our team helps you throughout the process until you enter your dream nursing college.

Yes, there are a few short-term nursing courses in Canada. It may complete within 1-2 years. So, some graduate courses are- Practical nursing diploma, BN, ENPGC- Critical and clinical care, etc. And some post-graduation courses are - MN, MSN, Master of public health in Nursing, Master of Science in experimental surgery, etc.


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