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Dynamic Health Staff New Zealand

New Zealand - A Premier Destination for Nursing Professionals

Nursing opportunities in New Zealand are diverse and plentiful, reflecting the nation's commitment to healthcare and well-being. The country has a robust healthcare system that is both public and private, offering a myriad of employment possibilities for nurses in various specialties, including mental health, pediatric, and emergency nursing. New Zealand’s aging population also propels demand for healthcare services, particularly in geriatric nursing. Furthermore, the nation is recognized for its focus on community health, providing opportunities in public health nursing.

Moreover, New Zealand’s emphasis on culturally competent care, especially regarding the indigenous Māori population, creates niches for nurses to specialize in culturally specific healthcare delivery. This multifaceted nursing landscape in New Zealand thus offers a rich and rewarding career path for domestic and international nursing professionals.

How to Apply as a Nurse in New Zealand?

In a nutshell, if you're a foreign nurse who wants to work in New Zealand, you must have:

  • A nursing degree holder that meets that standard of NCNZ
  • Work experience as a nurse for two years or 2,500 hours (for the past five years)
  • A registered nurse in your country of origin
  • Passed IELTS/OET
  • Reasonably physically fit
  • Must finish a Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) in NZ
  • Apply to the CGFNS International site

These are the basic requirements to become a nurse in New Zealand. As an international nurse, you should meet the requirements set by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ). Can you comply with the requirements? Of course, you can. As long as you have the qualifications and meet the standards of NCNZ, you are a step closer to becoming a nurse in New Zealand.

As for registered nurses from the UK, Singapore, Ireland, and Canada who want to work in New Zealand, there is a different process, which is done by recognizing the nursing registrations of Stream A(Stream A countries: UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada) category.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Stream A Category:
  • GNM/B.Sc./Post B.Sc - Nurses working in the UK/Ireland/Australia/Canada / Singapore
  • Minimum 2 years Experience preferred, Not mandatory
  • Age limit - 45 years
  • The nurses can apply for NZ registration from UK/IE/Canada/Singapore.
Eligibility for Indian Nurses:
  • Ensure you have a nursing degree recognized by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ).
  • Verify your registration with the nursing authority/board in the country where you qualified or are practicing.
English Proficiency:
  • Demonstrate English proficiency through IELTS, OET, or accepted equivalents, meeting the NCNZ’s required scores.
Competence Assessment:
  • Apply for a Competence Assessment Program (CAP) if your nursing education and Experience do not directly align with New Zealand standards.
  • Complete the CAP successfully to demonstrate your ability to meet the NCNZ’s competencies for registered nurses.
  • No need for Nurses to do any competent assessment if they belong to Stream A countries.
The government of New Zealand is changing the CAP system and replacing it with an alternative program. You may look here for further information! NCNZ Registration:
  • Apply for registration to the NCNZ, including all necessary documents like identification, qualification certificates, and professional references.
  • Pay the applicable registration and application fees.
Visa Application:
  • Choose the appropriate visa type (e.g., Working Visa, Skilled Migrant Category Visa) and ensure you meet the criteria.
  • Submit a visa application through Immigration New Zealand, providing all required documentation and paying the relevant fees.
Job Search:
  • Explore job opportunities through online job portals and recruitment agencies like Dynamic Health Staff.
  • Apply for positions and attend interviews, ensuring compliance with additional employer-specific requirements.
Professional Development:
  • Engage in continuous professional development to maintain your nursing registration and enhance your career in New Zealand.
  • Join professional nursing organizations to network and stay updated with industry news and opportunities.
Salary & Benefits Offered for both Stream A Program and Normal Program:
  • Salary ranges from 42 to 50 USD per hour.
  • Salary to be paid based on the Experience
  • Overtime paid as per prorate rate
  • Annual paid holidays
  • Initial accommodation provided (4-6 weeks )
  • Reimbursement of air tickets of the candidate.

Why Choose New Zealand for Your Nursing Career?

Choosing New Zealand for a nursing career presents many opportunities and benefits. The country is renowned for its high standard of living, stunning natural landscapes, and a healthcare system that is both robust and progressive. New Zealand places a significant emphasis on providing quality healthcare, and thus, nurses are highly valued and respected professionals within the community.


New Zealand nursing sector offers competitive salaries and a supportive working environment, underscored by a strong commitment to professional development. Nurses in New Zealand have access to numerous opportunities for further education and specialization, ensuring career progression and enhancement. Furthermore, the country is known for its excellent work-life balance, allowing nurses to explore its beautiful landscapes and engage in many recreational activities.

Moreover, New Zealand’s cultural diversity and inclusive policies make it a welcoming place for international nurses. The healthcare system is designed to be accessible and provides services that respect all its inhabitants' varied cultural and social needs. This cultural sensitivity extends to the workplace, where diversity is celebrated and integrated into daily practice. In conclusion, New Zealand is a desirable location for individuals looking to further their nursing careers abroad because it provides a stimulating and fulfilling work environment for nurses that combines a good standard of living with professional fulfillment.

How can Dynamic Health Staff help nurses relocate to New Zealand?

Extensive Experience:
  • With our rich history since 1977, we at Dynamic Health Staff leverage our extensive Experience in healthcare recruitment to facilitate smooth transitions for nurses moving abroad.
  • Successfully placed over 25,000 nurses in more than 10 countries, showcasing a robust track record.
Global Network:
  • Partnerships with 70+ hospitals and medical groups across various countries, including New Zealand, ensure a wide array of opportunities for candidates.
  • A global presence with operational offices in Dubai, UAE, UK, Romania, Croatia, etc., and several cities in India, providing a comprehensive support network.
Specialized Recruitment:
  • Annually, we place over 2000 healthcare professionals in esteemed institutions worldwide, including doctors and nurses.
  • Our specialized teams understand the specific requirements of healthcare professions, ensuring that candidates are well-matched with their roles.
End-to-End Assistance:
  • We provide comprehensive support throughout the relocation process, from job matching to settling in New Zealand.
  • We assist with the accreditation and verification processes, ensuring nurses meet the New Zealand nursing standards and regulations.
Cultural Transition:
  • DHS offers guidance on cultural and social adaptation, helping nurses acclimate to their new environment in New Zealand.
  • We provide insights into the working culture of New Zealand’s healthcare system, preparing candidates for a smooth transition.
Legal and Compliance Support:
  • We ensure that all legalities and compliance requirements for international relocation are managed efficiently.
  • We aid in visa processing, ensuring nurses have the necessary documentation for their move.
Career Development:
  • We not only assist with placement but also ensure that nurses have opportunities for career growth and development.
  • We provide continuous support even after relocation, ensuring nurses thrive in their new roles.
Personalized Approach:
  • We customize services to each candidate's specific requirements, guaranteeing a customized approach to the hiring and moving process.
  • We engage ourselves in a thorough understanding of each nurse’s career aspirations, skills, and preferences to facilitate optimal placement.
Quality Assurance:
  • DHS upholds a commitment to placing candidates in institutions where they can deliver and enhance their skills, ensuring mutual growth for both parties.
  • We ensure that the hospitals and medical groups in New Zealand adhere to high standards of practice, safeguarding the welfare and career growth of the nurses.

Overall, we at Dynamic Health Staff act as a comprehensive conduit for nurses, facilitating every step of their journey from their home country to their new professional life in New Zealand, ensuring that both the candidates and the healthcare institutions mutually benefit from the placement.


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